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  1. arn't you the guy who says he has like a conti gt and sl55 and such?
  2. The money you save to somehow modify a 928 is going to go to keeping the car from being all 944turb0-ish.
  3. Haha, 928 + mods
  4. late 90's E-class. They're awesome.
  5. Get a 2.7 944.
  6. Buy 3 Mustangs 5.0 then
  7. never had a conti or a sl55

    you must be mistaking me for amenasce's dad or somethin
  8. Cool that amount can buy me new wheels.
  9. Efficiency would be good, some cargo/people capacity would be good, reliability would be good. All that being said, I've been driving a fUcking 1996 grand am se for 6 years. I need something with flavour.
  10. 9,000 usd could almost pay off my cah!
  11. more flavor than a racecar?!?!
  12. as I mentioned earlier, E-class fits all of those except efficiency. So does the late 90's 5 series. Can you get a used Acura TL for that money?
  13. It leaks when it rains. I have to wear waders to drive it. When it gets hot I throw in some veggies in the glove box and sit naked in the back seat while they steam. Great for the pores.
  14. E class would be tits, but I would worry a bit about reliability, and insurance would be a bit much. An E30 would be cool, but a 5 would be getting a little big and thirsty.

    I may be able to find a TL, but certainly not the latest generation. If it were the previous generation, it would be the 3.2 rather than the type S, and I would probably not want that. May as well get a newer honda and pay less for the name.
  15. Accords tend to keep their value though. The previous gen Civic is awesome too, just most of them don't even have basic shit like power windows and leather, so that's a dwonside. Maybe Acura EL. My friend has one and it drives just like the civic, just has all the Acura stuff in it. Maybe Lexus IS of the previous gen?
  16. Don't buy a 90s Benz. We've had an Eclass for nine years now and it is a POS. Mechanical and electrical problems are what it does best. It also has a tendency to fall apart (inside and out).
  17. Prisoner of Sex?
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