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  1. I agree but only 1st gen one.

  2. The non-WRX Subarus are very reliable.
  3. Your choice of the Elantra coupe is a good choice
  4. Agreed, but it looks terrible!
  5. All my Subarus are belong to us for #$%#s sake
    They sre reliable, easy to fix (mostly) and build tough as hell!
  6. How often do you change sparkplugs?
  7. have had 5 in the family and all have been amazing … my touareg on the other hand
  8. CVT? F*ck that shit.
  9. I'm not a labourer I don't do that shit
  10. I really liked it, but the Toyota had all the options for less. The Elantra does have a hundred-and-seventy-something hp engine, though.

    I really wanna test drive a Fiesta ST. and if it is within my price range, it is very likely that I will go with that.
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  12. Nice video, James.

    So, here are the pictures, and the story, and sorry that it took a long time.

    Basically, I was driving down a 4-lane highway and I was doing about 60mph, which is under the limit, but it was a little bit busy for that speed if I'm honest. For some reason a car in front had to stop, and I got distracted at that precise moment. I applied the breaks, but it was too late, and skidded into him at around 35-40mph. No one was seriously hurt, just some bruising, whiplash.
  13. Ford Fiesta or Focus.
    If you do any travelling a fiesta is probably not the best option. Focus would be better.
  14. Also, the damage doesn't look like much, but the estimate for repairing it is $9.2k. $4.2k for the airbags and labor alone.
  15. airbag replacement is expensive. Main reason I just dumped my old Jeep after an accident. I got like 7 grand salvage on it.
  16. I live in an island that is 111 miles long, and 40 miles wide.
  17. Ouch, hopefully you're okay. Cars can be replaced
  18. It's brakes. You applied the brakes, then broke you car.

    So basically, entirely your fault. You should drive better.
  19. Thank you, so much.

    Is this the real burner, gais?

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