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  1. I bought a Auzentech Forte 7.1 yesterday (wiating for it to come), one more part for my com is done!
  2. Do you really need a separate soundcard? Currently the onboard sound on most mobo's it good enough.
  3. The amount of extra perception you get in the X-fi chips is worth it alone, they have a max of EAX 2.0. On top of that comes the sound quality.
    Once you've tried it, you never go back.

    Others have doubted me, but they never regreted it after they bought it, even with headphones like Creative's Fatal1ty. I have THX surround set, the onboard on my laptop does them no justice what so ever.
  4. so a new Intel socket in 2011? #$%# me, I want to build a rig right now.
  5. 2
  6. Somehow this happened when i shipped my computer from miami back to chicago
  7. While it was in the socket? So I guess the socket is damaged too?
  8. How the #$%# could that happen if it was in the socket? (I assume it was)
  9. jesus! although I'm willing to be it will still work fine if you slowly and carefully stand each of the pins back up.
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  11. I have an Athlon II 245 at 2.9Ghz and have enjoyed every game except GTA4. 23fps at 1080p and 25fps at 640x480, one of the few games where quad core is essential.

    $57.99 at newegg. The lowest spec processor that can be used for gaming right now I'd say.
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  13. Apparently this is the only one that is. It has two sandforce controllers sitting behind a raid controller, and the raid controller is bootable.
  14. thats pretty cool but the price is still kinda ridiculous. i felt silly spending $100 on 64 gigs, let alone triple that for another 16, no matter what kind of ridiculous read/write it gets. what is the rest of your rig like?
  15. I thought the same as you, but when you're spending like 1200 or more on a computer already, 200 dollars to make it A LOT quicker makes perfect sense. Theres certainly a lot dumber things people spend tons of money on that wouldnt give them anywhere near the performance increase this might.
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    So now that I thought I was decided on what I was going to do for a storage solution, there are even MORE advances:

    Even though it looks like a standard SATA controller and SATA drive, it's not. Instead of sending SATA signaling between the controller and cabling, it's actually sending out PCIe signaling. The hard drive's interface is a PCIe "port". Essentally, this is the same as the revodrive I posted above, except that you separate the drive and controller, so you can just upgrade the drive as capacities increase and/or price per GB drops.

    But you have the ability to do some different things, according to their examples. Dedicating a single x4 channel to a single drive is the most basic thing you could. Or get a controller with 4 ports and raid together 4 drives. Or get a controller with four ports AND a drive with 4 ports and push a full PCIe x16 channel to one drive.
  17. I am geting my MSI Big Bang Xpower motherboard and Corsair H50 CPU watercooler on Monday. I am excited.
  18. seems like a lot of money to pay for a motherboard. There are 1366 usb3 sata6 motherboards out there for 2/3 that price that still let you do 3 way sli.

    that cooler, on the other hand, is a nice one. I think I'll probably be going that route when I decide to start overclocking.
  19. The motherboard uses 45 W less than its counterparts at full load, at the price we pay for electricity it'll earn itself in, I bought a Corsair AX850 to save a bit of watts there aswell.

    Edit: I pay 10 cents / kWh
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    This goes way over my head.
    How much is this?
  21. They haven't announced how much. There will no doubt be 1-, 2- and 4-port cards. Eventually, there will be 1-, 2- and 4-port drives. Then you just mix and match according to what you can afford, what size drives you want, how fast you want the drive to be, etc.
  22. I will have to settle for a Corsair F120 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  23. Interesting. I didn't realize there was a huge difference from one board to the next, except maybe if you went from a miniITX board to a server board or something like that.

    Where can you find out how much power different motherboards draw?
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    They have become very good at poitning out power draw from different things these days since they draw so much power.


    Edit: basicly one of the reasons why this is so expensive is that it has a few mil spec components in it, the reason it draws less aswell.
  25. people who buy tri-sli 1366 motherboards don't really care about power consumption, moran

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