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    I almost bought that CPU cooler myself, but in the end I went with air cooling and bought a scythe heatsink

    In retrospect, with all the trouble I had installing such a huge heatsink, I probably should have gone with the H50, wouldnt have been much more expensive.
  2. I'll only be using 1/2 of the slots for GFX cards.
  3. Actually, they did release prices. The base model will be $529 so yes, very expensive.
  4. And I'm also now reading that things like the Revodrive and Ibis really won't quite hit the numbers that are possible unless you're using them a certain way. Enterprise workloads are where they'll really shine, apparently, but maybe not some much for enthusiast use. So now I'm back to considering standard SSD, maybe doing RAID0 on a couple 60GB Vertex 2, but I'm reading that the TRIM messages don't get passed to the drives through the RAID controller.
  5. what do you do with your computer that requires such retarded speeds anyway?
  6. I've got a 150 GB Velociraptor and it does the job too. Just clean up the hard disk and the registry from time to time and you'll be good.
  7. I'm already going to be building a new system because I'm on a P4 that runs hotter and louder than my clothes dryer. In doing so, it only makes sense to get a faster CPU while I'm at it. That requires a new motherboard. The new motherboard requires different RAM, and as long as I'm going to get new RAM, I might as well get faster RAM, and more of it. And if I'm upgrading to a faster processor and more/faster RAM, why wouldn't I want a faster HDD, as well?

    That fact of that matter is this though - everything you've ever done with your computer that required you to wait for something (assuming your computer was faster than than a 386/SX 16MHz) other than a response from something across the network, what you have been waiting on is disk IO. File reads, file writes, swapping in and out of the paging file, etc. If all of that waiting is a result of the speed of the disk susbsystem, it actually makes more sense to upgrade your HDD before bothering to upgrade your RAM or CPU. It's actually not really much more expensive than a CPU or RAM speed increase.

    But, to answer your question, a combination of foam/rage and bask/ballin.
  8. Yeah - I've got 2 74GB raptors in RAID0, and a separate 2x74 RAID0 that miscellaneous data and the pagefile is on. I've been so spoiled for so long by the general speed of things ans snappiness of windows, which is why I'm totally adamant about spending way to much money on the disk subsystem.
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