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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by blackwood, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Okay, I'm ready. It's been almost three years (rollin' with one of the original Athlon 64s right now).

    I've built my last 6 desktops and I think I'm over that. It doesn't seem like the cost savings is really evident anymore. So I'm looking at HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc..

    But I haven't been following trends, so I don't know much about the current generation of processors. Is quad core worthwhile, etc.? Can't follow the naming scheme.

    I won't use it for gaming, mostly image processing and a little bit of work (CAD/FEA).

    I'm not concerned with the hard drive as I have over 2TB in external drives and another 1TB internal.

    How does this look?
  2. Vista - barf.

    Also, consider buying your RAM separately. You're going to pay a pretty big premium by getting RAM from the manufacturer, not to mention the motherboard probably supports memory faster than 800MHz anyway.

    As far as pricing goes, I can't really tell you if that's a deal or not. I'm so far out of the loop with hardware anymore.
  3. ^^ Ignore all software.

    Also, you're right. I didn't realize how cheap 2GB DIMMs are these days.
  4. I'm making a big assumption that they're overcharging you, but if my suspicions are correct, you'll pay them about 50% more than if you bought it yourself.

    Or you could pay the same price as what they're charging you, and end up with the fancy performance ram with ill heat spreaders and fully sikk timings and whatnot.
  5. okay, the above compared to:
  6. okay, the above compared to:
  7. build it yourself, thats the only way to go
  8. Still is the best way to get exactly what you want.
  9. Which poses the problem. Since I haven't been following the PC market, I don't know exactly what I want.

    I threw together the above configuration based on cursory glances at Tom's and Anand's, but didn't spend more than about 20 minutes.
  10. How about this:
  11. i was looking through HP's website, they've got a similar computer like that one, but with DDR3 instead of DDR2, and larger harddrive (even if it's not nescessary). And really cheap too. aprox 1300 dollars just for the computer, or similar.
  12. The above hard drive isn't about size.
  13. lol @ 64 bits
  14. dont waste your money on those 10k hard drives
  15. Overkill on Ram and PSU for the Graphics card and Processor you're getting.
  18. get 4gb of RAM no need for 8, but get either DDR3, or faster ddr2 RAM.

    also, quad core isnt worth it atm IMO. Just get a core2 8400 and overclock it.

    Best value graphics card out there is 8800GTS.
  19. also, if you get a pre-made one, they will skimp on the brands. You will generally get a crappy power supply, case, and RAM.
  20. also dont get vista, get XP, so that much ram is a waste
  21. oh and DDR3 is a waste of money right now. its not worth it, and by the time it is, your system will be out of date anyway
  22. Who is that naked man in your avatar?
  23. Ya i hear that for Vista64 4GB is the sweet spot. Not much improvement stepping up to 8GB, although, if you end up building it yourself (which I recommend doing cause HP and Dell are sh!t) RAM is hella cheap now a days, so if you really wanna, go for it.

    Go for quad-core if you don't wanna be upgrading next year. No point in buying a technology that's pretty much obsolete now. Not to say that dual cores will be completely worthless next year, but new apps (and games) are gonna be utilizing 4 cores, so you dont wanna get left behind.

    As far as graphics goes, the new ATI 4870 is the best bang for the buck. Its $300 for a card that delivers similar performance as high end nVidia cards from $400-$650+
  24. AFAIK intel are actually intruducing a major update to the entire architecture of their CPUs later this year/early next year. You're gonna be upgrading in a year anyway.

    In terms of graphics cards, yes. In fact I just found a deal, 2 ATI 4850s for $419AU.

    Thats a pretty bloody good deal as far as AU prices go. I paid $380 for a 9800GTX.

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