New Corvette test mule pics

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by bob777, Nov 16, 2006.

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  2. OMG BLU DEVIL!!11111111111111
  3. thats #$%#ing rediculous, its like a scoop from a drag car.
  4. How can we be sure that is infact the SS test mule? is that the first thing that popped into dude's head when he snapped the pics? I think it looks awesome, even with the scoop. Could be Blue Devil, could be SS, could be something completely different, who knows.
  5. That hood had better not make it's way to production.
  6. That scoop is damn near the size of the Weineck Cobra's. That looks good on the Cobra. Not on this.
  7. I thought you just meant big, sorry for doubting your word. that is huge
  8. All of you ripping on it saying it's too big have no idea what it will really look like when the camo's off. The camo really hides the lines...

    It might be too big, it might not. None of you know right now, so reserve your judgement for January when - I assume - this will be unveiled in Detroit at NAIAS.
  9. only 5 times bigger than a WRX STI scoop <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    I can't wait for this beast to be uncovered!
  10. srsly
  11. That hood scoop is shrimp flavored.
  12. hmm its odd how the camo the rear of the car. maybe they changed something there too? also this is far different then the other shot we have where there is a huge bulge as well but it doesnt have scoops in the front
  13. Hang on a minute.

    How does a test mule car not have a manufacturer's plate? How does a spy photographer capture the car while it's heading towards him, and then get the car to pass him while going the same direction so he can get a picture of the back also? Finally, how does a spy photographer get the car to park in a parking lot so that he can tilt the camera ever so slightly at an agle for artistic effect?

    I smell bullshit.
  14. I bet it's faster than the space shuttle.
  15. Hell yeah to the car!!!!!!

    Hell no to the scoop!!!!!!
  16. The scoop is going to be small. That's just air being caught by the holes in the camo. Am I seriously the only one that sees this!?
  17. 700 horsepower naturally aspirated please please please!
  18. C6R style hood would be the best for this new beast
  19. PCH = Pacific Coast Highway?
  20. I really hope the hood looks exactly like that.
  21. damn thats one big bonnet scoop
  23. That'd look great.

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