New Corvettes C7 spotted.

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by PandaBeat, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. The split window Corvette is coming back!
  2. People go to huge lengths to destroy their cars. there is a BMW 6 series that is half orange, half black in Chicago. i was like WTF
  3. thats a lame #$%#ing name, blue devil was better
  4. have the cars 0-60 n quarter mile times come up yet?
  5. That Hammann (sp?) one?
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  7. Allthough I'm not a huge Corvette fan, no car should ever go through this. Someone needs to kill this guy, right now.
  8. the new C7 looks promising
  9. looks better than stock
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    I can't believe someone with enough cash to buy a C6 would have such a lack of taste otherwise. I believe I saw both of these cars on a great site called You will enjoy.
  11. Remember back when ricers were big? Well the whole modifying your car and ricing your shit out just became big with Mexicans.

    I'm talking all the same mistakes, 4-door Civics with Type-R badges, hood scoops, Pepboy's flame decals, the works.
  12. a car that costs 50 grand*

    it's not worth 50 grand, don't be silly! corvettes are shit
  13. HAHAHA! +1
  14. +1
  15. and the veyron is not worth $1m+, its a waist of time to have ever have been built
  16. I think if I ever have a band, im going to name it Waist of Time.
  17. WWF style belts with watch faces as mandatory attire?

  18. Look whats UNDER the hood. Makes you wonder even more.....
  19. lol
  20. is that a supercharger?
  21. yes
  22. F1 transmission?
  23. LS10 prototype.
  24. I think I found his first prototype.
  25. gtr spec v II

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