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  1. 1). SUV drivers should be assessed higher nominal penalties, for identical traffic infractions

    2). SUVs should be relegated to a speed limit independent of ordinary vehicles (55 mph)

    3). SUVs should be legally required to yield right-of-way to ordinary vehicles

    4). SUVs should be precluded the right to drive in the number one lane (e.g., the fast lane), on all limited access highways

    5). SUVs should be legally rationed in their consumption, to a 30 gallon per month allocation

    6). SUV motorists should incur a surcharge on their insurance, and registration

    7). SUVs should be banned from use of diamond lanes

    8). SUVs should be precluded right to park in parking spaces designated for the disabled

    9). SUV owners should be assessed excise and recurring taxation proportional to average SUV deviation, from the lightest DOT approved production vehicle (e.g., regardless of the weight of a particular SUV, every SUV driver equally incurs that penalty)

    10). SUV owners should incur quarterly undercarriage inspections (time lapse photography). Those SUV found not to have depereciated as a function of off-road usage (clean undercarriages) to be confiscated, impounded, then destroyed, on the basis of ineffective demand (...trailer queen aficianados, can you see the irony?)

    11). General Motor's HMMVV should be banned from public highways

    12). All auto makers should be prohibited from the integration of luxury appointments, as follows: automatic transmission; air conditioning; cup holders; leather seating; sound insulation; high fidelity, in the manufacture of all sport utility vehicles

    13). All SUV sales to motorists who post a primary residence within 250 miles of the nearest Consolidated Metropilitan Statistical Area (e.g., core basic statistical area) should be assessed by the department of motor vehicles with respect to usage

    14). Sale of all SUVs to Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area inhabitants should be banned

    15). ECUs on all SUVs should govern top speed (55 mph). Owners found to have tampered with their SUVs, in random, hit and run style field evaluations, conducted by the department of motor vehicles, to be confiscated, impounded, then subsequently destroyed, or parted-out (bountiful incentive program for field adjusters for every SUV impounded)

    16). Private party resale of sport utility vehicles should be banned; all commercial sales of used SUVs should be banned

    17). Those who qualify to own sports utility vehicles should be prohibited from the transfer of that vehicle, for the life of that vehicle

    18). Lease financing and extended-term financing for all sports utility vehicles should be banned. Maximum allowable term for financing consumption of sport utility vehicles should be limited to 36 month durations

    19). All firms having elected to extend term finance guarantees to facilitate purchase of a sports utility vehicle should be (I) prohibited from securtizing that debt (e.g., required to hold that note, exclusively, throughout the duration), and (II) should be required to maintain a 100% reserve ratio on every SUV they've financed

    20). All sport utility vehicles manufactured should be limited in fuel capacity, to 10 gallons

    21). Drivers of trucks, RVs and SUVs should pay more at the pumps, for which to subsizide incentives to drivers with lightweight vehicles (e.g., the heavier your vehicle, the more you pay, at the pump)

    22). All dependents under the age of 18 caught behind the wheel of a sport utility vehicle, said vehicle should be confiscated, and subsequently destroyed or parted-out, without recourse to parents/guardians

    23). Benefit of the doubt, in all traffic incidents, should be biased to the lightweight vehicle

    24). All SUVs should be limited, to maximum 60 series tyre width, and to maximum 14 inch wheel diameter. Any truck or SUV found with an increased ride height over 4" from OEM should be banned from public highways.

    25). Any truck or SUV driver caught tailgating an automobile, running a stop sign, or coasting through yellow lights, should have their license summarily suspended, their vehicle impounded, and subsequently destroyed
  2. The same could be said of any high performance or want-to-be high performance vehicle. Seeing as how they are involved in a ridiculous number of accidents.

    Like you dumbass WRX owners who can’t keep those things on the road.
  3. jealous much? sorry we cant all drive a pinto spyder
  4. Pinto's have better weight distribution than WRXs. You should just drive yours off a cliff because it isn't like WRXs can handle anyway.
  5. Driving a good bit slower than everybody else will surely cause less accidents.
  6. I actually think that SUVs should be limited to 55mph. They can not stop or handle as well as a car, so why should they be able to go as fast?
  7. The same can be said about a lot of small cars including the Civic, Integra, GTi, Focus, Celica GT-S. These are all cars topping out at 125 - 130mph but still fitted with econo-box braking system incapable of reeling them in from that speed.
  8. C'mon, it's a funny list, is it now that you always have to ruin threads?
  9. Sports cars should be limited to 30 gallons per month also, because they get about the same gas mileage as your typical SUV.
  10. thats why you can always upgrade. a 2500 lb. celica gt-s w/ brembos is going to stop better than a 5000 lb. excursion or whatever the h3ll it is your defending even with some crazy sh*t like ceramic brakes...

    seriously, do you have to attack everyones thread? with your stupid anti-import fordiness?
  11. thats the only comeback you have?
  12. Why does he need one? That's the truth.
  13. And you don't have one?
  14. You are such a little pussy. Remember your angry post about how I made you leave. And we all said you were full of shit because it was like the third time this year that you pulled the exact same stunt.

    Creating drama on the internet because your life is that sad is well sad.

    and your sticking up for that guy?
  15. i swear,any thread i make gets f*cked up by backwoods jewboy and thrown off-topic
  16. it's cause I dont like you,
    that's why.
  17. your thread was ignorant trash from the start, nobody ruined it
  18. TDK...let's discuss the performence of the cars you own shall we?

    And hell a WRX will rape a Pinto around the track? WTF does weight distribution have to do with anything if you don't even have to go WOT to beat a car?
  19. Fact weight distribution is the most important thing ever. Hence why Porsche 911 are bad.
  20. Why do people hate SUVs so much? I hate the dumbasses who can't handle them.

    And I live in the land of pickups and SUVs, like 50% of everything here is one or the other. And if SUVs piss you off so much you'd really hate it here, 52" tires are road legal.

    Dipshits don't realize that when you #%[email protected] about SUVs and such you should be including your own performance car in that. You're indirectly saying that we should all use mass transit or have shitbox hybrids.

  21. There should be a 1000 post minimum on this site. If you don't have 1000+ posts, you should be killed. Instantly. We'd have a lot less stupid threads like this.
  22. SUV's get an unfair reputation as being very hazardous. In reality, they are only just as dangerous as cars. We really don't need any more legislation for SUVs, we just need to teach people how to drive.
  23. Just because I don't like him is no reason not to agree with him sometimes. He's right sometimes, he's just an asshole most of the time.
  24. Then you'd just have the retards with a lot of posts.
  25. Ford Excursion:
    skidpad: 0.69g
    slalom: 52.4mph
    60-0: 167 ft
    weight: ~6650 lbs (depending on options)

    Honda S-2000:
    skidpad: 0.92g
    60-0: 116 ft
    weight:2835 lbs

    your right

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