New Ferrari FF

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by dolinc, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Sooooooo awesome! #$%# YEAH
  3. getting some sweet air, it seems
  4. oh man
    i want to put roof racks on one and take in snowboarding to make some purists mrrrgh
  5. i consider myself a ferrari fanboi and the idea of this makes me hot in the pants. seriously awesome!
  6. i think the key point to the FF not upsetting ferrari purists/fanbois like myself is the fact that it's not a #$%#ing gay #$%# SUV

    THANK #$%#

    cause this is way way more awesome
  7. It's really more of a sports car then a gt.
  8. Yeah super/sports cars with roof racks+cargo look awesome
  9. i dont care how it looks
    i just want to spin out in the snow and can it into a rock to piss off some kids
  10. i wonder if they did this in order to totally shit on the GTRs and 911turbos 0-60 times, what being AWD and all
  11. ill do the same with the pagani hrryyayyrauy
  12. yeah I'd probably drive one if needed, probably
  13. its a ferrari. its gonna get smoked by $80k sportscars in typical ferrari fashion
  14. Market research. The clients wanted AWD
  15. I saw the FF IRL yesterday. Went to Maranello with the local dealer and a few others for what they call a "private preview". It takes place in the Ferrari Atelier at the factory.

    Forget the pictures. It looks very very cool IRL! Trust me. Give it a little time and this design will stay as fresh as sat the 360's design has done for 11 years!

    The interior is cool too with elements from the 458 (dashboard) and the California (the "floating" centre consol. Details and built quality is excellent. The car on display was grey with natural tan leather. Very nice and I think a very good thing that is wasn't red.

    It can be specified with some dark grey, sportier wheels that for sure looks better than those on the press photos.

    The car seats four adults easily but it's not as spacious as I expected it to be. Who cares anyway when you can take 3 friends from 0 to 100 in 3.7 secs...?

    The car is to compete in a market of M-B CL AMG's, Bentley Continentals and Roll Phanton Coupe's. They are slow, heavy dinosaurs compared to the FF.
  16. Post pics.
  17. Back looks ugly :S Just as I thought Ferrari were starting to make pretty cars with the new 458 coming out... Totally disappointed by the FF
  18. +1
  19. But you know what? the new Continental, despite of being a "slow" and "heavy" dinosaur, it looks so hot that I might prefer it over the FF. And Bentley interiors>>>>>>>>>>>Ferraris'
  20. yeah but the ferrari costs more cos it's BETTER
  21. It costs more coz of workmanship, tradition, quality and brand, so its better in those respects... performance is a whole other matter, not that Ferrari's are slouches, but you can find a better bang for your buck ie Porsche
  22. Nissan GT-R.
  23. Ferrari doesn't beat Porsch on workmanship or quality. they're not bad but not as good as Porsche.
  24. Of course!! At the Ferrari factory they actually pay you to bring a camera inside the factory! DOH!

    This is how it works: If you have a camera they put in a little red locker untill you leave and since most phones have cameras in them there's actually a guard standing in the room where you see the car....
  25. I agree, Porsche is definitely the best in terms of quality and the JD Power Survey shows this, my whole point was that Ferrari is better quality and has more soul than a GTR for example. Porsche has no cars selling

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