New Ferrari FF

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by dolinc, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. its a concept car. it's not competing anything.
  2. See a doctor
  4. Darn hideous. The front looks awful, the rear is disproportioned and the profile even worse. This IS the worse looking Ferrari EVER, man! Wish they put it a Porsche badge, remove the prancing horse, please.

    Besides, I get all those who said the 360 was the worse looking Ferrari ever, and then the 612 Scaglietti and then the 599 GTB Fiorano and then the F430 and then the California... cause the FF DIDN'T EXIST when they were shown! Duuuuuuuh!!!

    Don't have much against it being 4WD, though, although they could've sticked with RWD. First they built a POS-looking car for women (California) and now this one, for gay who can't drive.
  5. Maybe if you like crome and wood in your car....The Ferrari interior is sportier and more high tech which I prefer.
    When it comes to finish and quality there is no big difference.

    PS: The Conti GT looks like a hippo and it always did. But I guess it doesn't matter. Footballers and rappers love them and the Conti GT 25.00 units and that is more than all other Bentleys alltogether!
  6. looks awesome stfu.
  7. And Bentley has the best interiors. Argue against this and prove you're stupid.
  8. ya being built by lazy greasy italians sure beats being made in german robo factories
  9. Best? Better in what way? The same way a Ford Transit is a better car than a 911? Well it is if you need to freigt some cargo.

    What are you criteria ? For me wood and crome belongs in a Riva boat. NOT in a car! I like carbon, aluminuim and high tech.

    Bentley interiors are very well made but they add NOTHING to the category and the concept and design of interiors. The 458 interior for example did that. The most driver focused interior you can imagine and with a lot of high tech and new solutions.

    And IF you are into the grand dad style with wood and crome I think Bentley are no better than say Rolls Royce.

    come again ...
  10. Lol you #$%#ing fanboy
  11. Says a kid named Porsche addict.

    PS. I don't mind being a fan of the greatest name in motoring. Why is that such a big deal?
  12. ugh you're awful.
  13. lol idiot.

    bentley interior shits on the ferraris

    in everything else the ferrari is better though
  14. I want to see you in a fight w/ raging balls.
  16. I may have Porsche in my nickname on here but I don't go into every thread whining about Porsche. I'm also not blinded by fanboyism.
  17. gtfo
  18. ...."every thread"...again you are talking shit. If you clean your glasses you'll notice that this specific thread is actually about the Ferrari FF. I then comment on the FF's interior and Bentley interiors . Having been behind the wheels in both cars (FF static, Conti Speed GT driving it) I consider my contribution both relevant and valid (relevant means of importance in a context)
  19. You're beautiful
  20. You're kidding, right? In which way can you say a Ferrari interior has the same quality as a Bentley? I'm a Ferrari fan and still it's obvious to me quality isn't (nor it wants to be) Ferrari's strong.

    And why should a Bentley add anything to the category? It's only meant to be refined and luxurious, not a track day car...

    Have you ever even looked to the Phantom's interior? Really...?
  21. You are right, I agree that with Ferrari there is a different kind of beauty associated with the engineering of high performance functionality, simplicity, and light weight.

    For instance, I dont believe there is any Rolls Royce Phantom with an interior more beautiful and jaw dropping than that of the McLaren F1 LM. Exposed carbon fiber, Alcantera, machined metals, the minimal carbon fiber seating with that orange padding built into them. mmmmm so perfect.
  22. Exactly.There is no comparo between a full driver-focused sports car and a luxurious superfast GT car. Makes no sense at all.
  23. Exactly. And that is why the Bentley interior cannot be better (like everbode claimes)
  24. Sorry but the FF is trying to be a luxury GT for 4 people and the equivalent Bentley has a better interior.

    Don't compare Bentley interiors to 458s or 599 GTOs. Don't be stupid.
  25. When did you sit in the FF?

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