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  1. I have already sent this picture to for POTD nomination, check it out, this is one machine
  2. It's not real
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  4. Oh yes my friend, I have the article, these are exclusive shots of the new Ferrari 612 p/4 prototype by Pininfarina (sorry about spelling. It most certainly is real though, it doesn't say anywhere about artists impressions, it even states how pininfarina had to buy an 800,000 pound Enzo for the chassis. It isn't running quite yet, these are the pics of the body.
  5. Also, I wasn't beaten to it, these are actual shots, the other thread is just sketches.
  6. That's not it.
  7. That's not what, too vague.
  8. That's not the car.
  9. WTF, that is a car, not what car
  10. Shut up.
  11. Listen pal, I'm not out to boost a post score like you.

    Now, what the hell car is it not. I'm saying this a Ferrari. Your saying it's not, anyway, let's not fight like most on this shit forum, just enjoy the pictures.
  12. That looks good
  13. Most certianly does, as my friend pointed out when I bought the magazine, the front resembles the Cadillac Cien strangely.
  14. It's just a rendering. That's not what the final car is going to look like. Stop being retarded.
  15. WIll this car SLAUGHTER!?!!?
  16. It's ok trying to share info in these forums, but when the source is not 100% trustable it's better to deal carefully with the info posted; first of all, caps are not welcome, neither in thread titles nor in posts. Next, it's dangerous making statements which can be wrong; you must accept people might know more than you about the car you're posting info, and that the valious info you got might be wrong, so you must be receptive to other opinions and be cautious when your info isn't 100% reliable.
    And last, you must accept your thread won't be the ultimate hot thread and that people might don't care/ dislike it or bash it/ you.

    So please, calm down and understand you might be wrong. It's just a cordial advice from a guy with 1400 threads in a year and a half.
  17. Sigh, this is a real car, honest, who is the one with the article, it has been built. Now you stop being #$%#ing RETARDED.

    This thing will be able to do 220 tops, so it's not a Veyron #$%#er.
  18. the front looks like a bug
  19. It's being built. You posted a drawing and think it's the built car.
  20. And, I keep saying, I have the article, I've read it, It's real, it's a car, they've built it, it's not running yet, but it'll be roaring by the Summer. Honestly.
  21. Yeah, we know that, but don't post artist renderings telling us that this is it, when it's not.
  22. well.. I think we have got another ferrarifanboy..
  23. is this how that rebodied Enzo that Pininfarina are working on is supposed to look.

    imo that looks awful
  24. No, it's not a drawing, lets go over this

    1. This is a real body, it's built
    2. It's not running yet, it will be fully completed in the Summer.
    3.These are pictures of the real body.
    4.If you want to read the article, I'll post a mega hi res image.
    5.Just discuss what you think.

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