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  1. Not sure if it was posted already as the news is like.. 2 days old, but here goes:

    A new logo for the Fiat brand: it debuts on the Fiat Bravo

    In recent months, the Fiat brand has implemented a new strategy, which is underlined by the many new products that have been presented: from the Croma to the Grande Punto, the Panda and the Fiat Sedici, and they will soon be joined by the new Bravo. As Luca De Meo, President of the Fiat Brand, explained, “In this important, dynamic context, we have decided to acknowledge the progress achieved so far, by changing our logo, as a tangible sign of the new impetus that is projecting us towards future challenges. This is why the new logo will make its debut on the front of the new Bravo, before being gradually adopted on all Fiat models.”

    Created jointly by RobilantAssociati (an agency specialising in Brand Advisors & Strategic Design) and the Fiat Style Centre, the new symbol is derived from the famous shield that decorated the front of Fiat cars from 1931 to 1968, with the vertically elongated letters of the word ‘FIAT’ standing out against a ruby red background, encased in a chromed round frame. It has a three-dimensional effect which conveys an idea of technology, Italian design, dynamism and a strong personality, while it also harks back to the round logo (white wording against a red background, surrounded by laurel leaves) that identified powerful, high performance Fiat models for many years.

    The essential, strong new logo therefore conveys ‘ongoing change’, a sign of the past re-read in a modern key which is particularly representative of Fiat today, a brand projected towards the challenges of the future but also proud of its historical identity. The two main elements of the new logo (the shield shape and the colour red) immediately bring to mind the Fiat 524 of 1931, which was the first to use a rectangular logo that blended into the new grille, designed with stylistic but also aerodynamic pretensions, in the shape of a shield with vertical elements.

    The new FIAT logo is designed to sum up the mission of an Italian company that for over one hundred years has been building good-looking cars that are accessible and capable of guaranteeing the best quality of everyday life.

    Turin, October 26, 2006
  2. yeah, posted before in a thread of mine together with the new Bravo, i think page 2...interresting read tho...
  3. I dont see the point, the current logo is beutiful. This is just OK, but at least its better than the ugly stripes.
  4. hell no. If i buy a new FIAT i'll steal the emblem off an older car and change it
  5. I'll trade my //// from the rear for a new front badge. Now quick go and buy a Fiat
  7. lol!
  8. the previous one was better. why are they changing it?
  9. What triplesix said
  10. Back to the roots, I like it.
  12. I like the old one alot better.

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