New Fiorano Pics !

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by amenasce, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Uninspired design and ugly headlights?

    #$%# that, I'll take the 575M thanks.
  2. I'm with stupid
  3. I actually like the headlights....which is the only thing (style-wise) that I like about it
  4. I HATED this car when I first seen it. Now I LOVE it. Ubber Sweet!
  5. theses pics were posted by peloton on fchat.
  6. You're stupid. And I'm with YOU.
  7. Honestly, after looking at this picture I can't understand how a single one of you likes this car.
  8. from that angle it resembles the chrysler fire power
  9. from that angle it looks retarted but from other angles its sweet
  10. its growing on me. i kinda want one.
  11. Its normal that a car cannot look good at every angle.

    what about these shots?
  12. This thing is really starting to grow on me.
  13. what about them?

    The red one's analysis:
    front is #$%#ed up, the nose falls too low, the rear is too chubby and curved. And the sides look like it was gutted with a fishermans hook. I like the roofline, and the window sill, even though its HELL UNPRACTICAL. The wheels look like something from a Spiderman movie.

    Top view analysis:
    Chubby fat #$%# with azn squinty eyes that appear too small compared to the rest of the car. And those bonnet gashes, wtf, its a Ferrari, not a #$%#ing Corvette.

    THe 5 stud rims look like shit, and those 1 piece tail lights, make me want to vomit. There is nothing attractive about this car. It fails like every other new chassised post 2000 model Ferrari.

    In conclusiton this car fails in almost every angle.

    begin flame.

  14. Ferrari has always had Pentagram wheels. Always as in since the 70's-ish.
  15. Are you insulting the impending Chrysler awesomeness that is the Firepower?
  16. But the differenfce is normally they look decent, not like something Stevie Wonder & Lada designed.
  17. I think i'm going to have to wait and see this car in the metal before i make my final verdict. I thought that the 612 was ugly until i saw one in person and then the whole "ferrari" auora has an effect on you and you can't help but like it. Plus with ordinary cars surrounding it, it looked awesome.
  18. Seriously, if you like this car you either have bad taste or are a fanboy.

    Compared to the 575 it is total shit, and even on its own its no great shakes.
  19. apparently Im not alone in my hatred of recent Ferraris.
    But my hate for it extends only to styling. Mechanicals wise they are amazing no doubt.
  20. Im not a fanboy, nor do i think i have bad tast, but i like this car! now ill be the first to agree with the pure awsomeness that is the 575 AND ill agree to the fact that recent Ferraris do not compare with earlier modles. HOWEVER, this car is a looker, its nice looking and quick and personally id be in heaven if i could own one.
  21. They provide a quater of the downforce of the car..

    Nice looking Corvette, Tifosis.
  22. i like the rims on the red more
  23. Yeah, looks good!
  24. well duh.
  25. I love this car, hot damn.

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