New French president

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  1. Some of you mayor may not know/ care but France has elected their new president.
    I didn't vote for him, neither did 90% of the people I know he still was elected.

    Just wanted to say I'm ashamed and I'm sorry... :-D
  2. So I heard, Guess France is doomed now.
  3. They managed to elect the one guy who is actually worse than Sarkozy.
  5. Apparently there is 300k french people in london, and they preffered hollande also lol
  6. France was Doomed as soon as they let the peasants storm the Bastille. Now the whole country is run by minions that are too afraid to take charge.
  7. I'm more concerned about the elections in Greece than France.
  8. France can't be no worse than Greece.
  9. What the #$%# is it with countries electing socialist governments who believe in doing exactly what got the world this mess already?
  10. They don't want to have to put up with tough times.
  11. Ha ha ha Europe

  13. everything will be forgiven if this is followed by surrender
  14. As if France hasn't actually been socialist all these years. Nothing's going to change here, in France, or anywhere. We'll be in a shitty economy until a China or someone suddenly spends a shit-ton of cash, or the developed world gets its people back to #$%#ing work. Done deal.
  15. so true
  16. I didn't vote for him either but Arabs and Africans did
  17. those 300k french people should have their citizenship revoked permanently
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    Kinda like this guy:

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  20. What a useless #$%# up

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