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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by catphish, Oct 15, 2008.

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    900 players is nothing
  2. Like I said, eat some celery.
  3. It may not be bad for 10am on a work/school day.

    I'd be curious to know what kind of numbers the PS360 can muster in a similar situation.
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  5. ive seen 1,000,000+ playing halo 3.
  6. Here, PC games are usually 30-40% cheaper as well. Far Cry 2 on PS360 costs SEK599, whilst on the PC it costs SEK399.
  7. That's irrelevant.

    We're talking about a casual game like Madden at 10am on a school/work day.
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  9. its relevant because the PS2 with its HUGE install base probably never managed to have even 1/2 that for a given game at one point.

    that and if a 360/ps3 game can get 1mil people on, then im sure they will do much better than 900 people just about always for just about any popular game.
  10. The PS2 was never an "online console"; I don't know anyone who bought the network adapter for it. And how do you mean, "do much better"?
  11. im not claiming it was an online system, which is why its completely uninteresting that 900 people out of the 150 million users or whatever are using it online.

    do much better = have more players online at any given time.
  12. I think you're forgetting that back in the day SOCOM 1/2/3 consistently had more players online than Halo 1 or 2 ever did. The number of people playing online games (Final Fantasy 11, TimeSplitters 1/2/3, Ratchet & Clank 3/4, Splinter Cell 1/2/3, Madden, etc) on their PS2s was crazy in back 2004-05.

    And if you're going to compare the number of people playing on Xbox 360 vs. PS2, you have to keep in mind that Madden 09 sold 1.22 million units on the 360, whereas the PS2 only sold 510,000 copies.
  13. honestly i just think its a completely uninteresting article about something that really doesnt matter in the least.

    that would be like someone posting a link to how many people are still playing the original xbox online, who cares?
  14. The PS2 actually had a built-in broadband adapter once it went to the Slim model.
  15. I don't know anyone who knows anyone who owns a PS2 Slim either.
  16. Is Prince of Persia Classic any good?
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    For the GT5P players out there...

    "I am challenging all of you to post your best lap time in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, in the online race event "Tanner Foust Racing Competition." You'll have to bring your best driving skills and push the Nissan Fairlady Z (Japanese version of the 350Z � my drifting car of choice) around the London city track faster than anyone else. With Professional driving physics of course. You have from now until midnight on November 2 to put your skills to the test."
  18. I played the demo I thought it was terrible, and I love this sort of game.
  19. I just got a kickass melee weapon, so now I have a kickass weapon for both. I have "The Daichi" (katana) and "The Red Dragon" (pistol). I'm talking about Fable 2, if that wasn't obvious.

    EDIT: And yeah, this game is pretty amazing. I just got a quest that requires me to get a mullet and mutton chops. Sweet.
  20. How do you get this outfit?
  21. Is there a way to change the look of your dog or is that just random?
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    Im going to get first.

  23. I didn't even know you owned GT5P, Fl3x.

    All I ever see you play is Battlefield: Bad Company. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
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  25. Does anything ever happen in Far cry 2? I have been doing missions for hours, all I ever do is shoot the stupid checkpoint things.

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