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  1. sweet, thanx
  2. I was actually hoping Far Cry 2 would be kinda like Crysis but in a different environment and without the aliens.
  3. FC1 had the equivalent of aliens, too, only much more stupid. The trigens and the ridiculousness in human bosses who took like 50 headshots to kill made me stop playing FC1. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
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    That article is completely uninteresting.

    Except the part that says FallOut 3 is an epic quest of over 100 hours, that's like Christmas, my birthday, and winning the lottery simultaneously for me. I logged over 60 hours on Oblivion(I've only logged more on online shooters), and gameplay is soooo reminiscent of Oblivion, and with combat that looks actually awesome, unlike almost every other RPG out there.

  5. I can't take it any longer--I must go play BF:BC.

    And you guys are welcome to join me if you're around.
  6. You have issues.
  7. I haven't been this addicted to a game in a long time.
  8. I just thought of something for Fable 2. You can rent out places and earn money every 5 minutes, okay that's good. What if I was to quit the game, change my timezone. Start up the game and change it again... repeat?
  9. Considering the thouroughness it seems has gone into the game, you'd probably get accused of time travel and witchcraft and get run out of the city in tar and feathers.
  10. I would pre-order it ASAP if they brought it to PS3, I cant get enough of racing sims
  11. I played FARCRY2 for 10 minutes and deleted Mercenaries 2 in DISGUST!!!

    Interface is everything, this is the best I've seen in any shooter. What Half Life did with narrative, FarCry2 does with it's interface. It never takes you out of the game.
  12. Same here. I really, really, REALLY want rFactor to come to the PS3!

    Even if none of the mods were supported and it was just the official game, I think it would easily be the best PSN game in history if it included online play (server-based, of course). I think there are tens of thousands of people who would gladly pay $30-40 for it, even if it only included the stock vehicles and tracks. That, and it would look better running at 720p than what the average person's PC can handle.

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  13. I cant wait until GT5 and Forza 3 are out, im definatly going to be switching back and forth every night when I get bored of which ever one im playing

    Next time i see GT5p in a store ill buy it, im so sick of #$%#ing Ferrari Challenge, the game is fun to play but the AI is shit and the graphics are not PS3 worthy
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    Did you see this post?
  15. Yeah it got shitty when the aliens arrived but before that, what a game.
  16. So you like Far Cry 2? Tell me more...
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  18. Fair enough. I still haven't played it yet but I've heard it's pretty good if you have a nice steering wheel.
  19. No doubt it would be fun with a steering wheel, Do you ever use assists in racing sims?
    I cant stand them except for ABS
  20. GT5p is really pretty damn boring if I'm honest.

    I'm willing to bet the AI is just as shit as well.
  21. Console "sims" = no
    PC sims = sometimes
  22. ABS is completely useless in FC btw

    Not to mention the tuning system is pretty lol

    Edit: oh yeah more BS

    Instead of laps there is 15-30-45 minute races, every camera view sucks

    In car view feels like your sitting in the back seat
    Bumper/hood view is way too low and its hard to judge a corner especially on a track like Monza when your going fast all the time

    Also its hard to judge a corner when the graphics are too shit to see stuff far away
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