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  1. Is the dog worthwhile keeping? I'm at graywitch or whatever and the dog got burned up. I'm close to leveling up and if I quit now I'll go back to the start. If I continue I'll go up a level and wont have a dog.
  2. Agreed. The main story arc in Mass Effect was good. Fallout 3's is totally forgettable: you quickly forget you're supposed to be looking for your father or whatever.

    I'd say trying to give Fallout 3 a 'main' story was a mistake; it would have been better if you were just dropped in the world and left to your own motivation.
  3. I thought mass effects story was kinda bleh. Fallout so far has been much better.

    And I think bethesda did a pretty decent job integrating the other 2 games into F3, although I wish the combat system was more turn based than it is. Stories reference eachother well without just seeming like mindless namedrops. Overall so far F3 has exceeded my expectations greatly, but still falls short of what i really wanted it to be (which was an impossibly high expectation, especially for bethesda).
  4. You never understood how to play Mass Effect, which in itself blows my mind. I'll say this about the two: Mass Effect had an incredible main story and fantastic production values that made you feel like you were in some Hollywood film when you were playing. Stewie never worked out the combat on his own (he moaned about how it was impossible to avoid getting shot in the Mako), but the rest of us thought it was pretty much perfect for a guns-based RPG. The side quests were rather disappointing, though, with each quest being pretty much the same.

    In Fallout 3, the side quests are given as much importance as the main quest, for better or for worse. I can't really see how stewie can love the levelling in F3 and hate the levelling in ME, because they feel rather similar to me, but then that's just him. I haven't progressed far enough along on the main story to be able to give much of a comment on it, but so far it's been pretty much non-existant (Is dad here? No. Do you know where my dad is? He's there. Oh, he's there? No, he's gone now, but he went there...).

    I enjoyed every minute of Mass Effect, and I'm playing Fallout 3 in a totally different way concerning main quest contra side quests, so it's not really fair to compare the two. Both are great, though.

    It still boggles my mind that stewie couldn't, for the life of him, work out how the combat worked in Mass Effect.
  5. There's something wrong with Mass Effect if I could go through the whole game and still not really understand most of it.

    OTOH everything in Fallout 3 is clear and intuitive.
  6. sounds like youve only done the first 2 or 3 parts of the dad quest to me.

    and mass effect, outside of the visuals, wasnt THAT good if you ask me.
  7. ...Mass Effect being a stats-based game but with no apparent way to tell how the stats were affecting anything was just a bad idea fundamentally.

    If Fallout 3 didn't have the freeze-frame mode where the stats of what's going on are laid out it wouldn't make much sense either.
  8. and until you guys get past 2 or 3 steps into the main story, stop saying how it isnt developed enough. You havent developed it yet.

    and lvling in fallout is way better. Quests arent so annoyingly linear as in mass effect. mass effect was one of the most linear games ive ever played. Fallout 1/2 werent and this one seems to have quite a few different routes to take.
  9. It looks like anybody who has pirated access to the New Xbox Experience is in for a world of hurt...
  10. Konami announces 1 million members for Metal Gear Online and reward program

    Metal Gear Online has gained over 1 million members worldwide since the launch of the service in June 2008. To commemorate this achievement, Konami will launch a special campaign, "Metal Gear Online: Commemorative Campaign," that will officially begin on November 25, 2008, awarding reward points to gamers who access Metal Gear Online during the promotion. These reward points can be used to purchase new online gear from the in-game reward shop.

    During the Commemorative Campaign period of November 25, 2008 to December 9, 2008, all players who own a Metal Gear Online account (Game IDs) and access Metal Gear Online will receive 10,000 reward points each. The 10,000 reward points will be updated to account owners on the last day of the campaign, December 9, 2008.

    Player characters who access Metal Gear Online during the Commemorative Campaign period will also have a chance to be one of 30 people (10 people from each region, North America, Europe and Japan) to receive an additional 100,000 reward points. The 100,000 reward points drawing will happen after the campaign ends and will be awarded the drawn winners on December 16, 2008.

    A special GENE and MEME expansion bundle pack will be made available at a special price of $14.99 this holiday season.
  11. Metal Gear Online sounds like a total mess (you need to register for a Konami account, then a Metal Gear Online account with a different name, just to play online). No wonder it took 6 months for 1 million people to try the free online, when they've sold like 3 million.
  12. Not really. The dog isn't as good as Fable 2's dog.
  13. The sign-up process is pretty lame (though not that difficult), but I'm hoping they start using the PSN standard when MGO finally launches in earnest. Perhaps it'll even be available as a download from the Playstation Store like Warhawk/SOCOM.
  14. Most gamers shop Wal-Mart first

    A recent study revealed that Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, is also king when it comes to videogame sales. Respondents to the survey picked Wal-Mart as the number one place they shop for games. GameStop and Best Buy share the second place spot, while Target came in third. After that there appears to be a considerable drop off as other retailers fight for the scraps of consumer attention.


    My two thoughts...
    - Is it true that Wal-Mart sales aren't counted in monthly NPD numbers? And if so, why not?
    - I do almost all of my videogame shopping at Circuit City because they usually have better deals.
  15. Yet Gamestop has greater revenue share from games. Gamestop represents 40% marketshare.

    What that means is, the people who shop at Gamestop buy more games, aka they are more hardcore. Sounds right.
  16. Wal-Mart used to be part of NPD numbers, but they withdrew, because they are fairly secretive about their business and didn't want to keep giving out information. NPD has several years of Wal-Mart data which they use to extrapolate the Wal-Mart contribution to total US game sales each month. Generally speaking, the same kinds of people still shop at Wal-Mart that used to, with the same buying patterns.

    NPD has something like a 40% sample of retail data, and historical data for the places that aren't included in that 40%, so their projected numbers should be as close to accurate as a total count. Statistics is a wonderful thing, and you can get accurate numbers with a much smaller sample size than 40%. VGChartz by comparison has less than 1% retail sampling.

    NPD also includes orders, and at least has rough data on digital distribution, claiming that 20%+ of PC purchases are digital distribution now.
  17. Why in the world are you still awake, Hoboman?! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>

    Somebody needs to do an intervention on your life because you never seem to get a healthy amount of sleep.
  18. I've developed bad sleeping patterns due to 4 day weekends and 2:30pm being my earliest class.
  19. its not surprising walmart is #1. They simply have way way more traffic that runs through the store (and way way more stores). I personally have a lot more reasons to go to a walmart than a best buy, and the prices are all about the same, so might as well grab a game while im there.

    and circuit city is terrible at everything. At least around here it is.
  20. all you fable 2 spoilers suck.
  21. Pirated access? As in you get XBL for free? I didn't know that existed.

    Other than that, I have a modded console but there's been no such problems so far or with the new XBL system
  22. HAha, love the Rube Goldberg grocery store in Fallout 3 (sorta near the robot factory)
  23. Nah, he means getting the update before it's released. You can't even get online right now with NXE.
  24. I avoid buying games at walmart if I can. I prefer to support the specialty stores, since the price of electronics is pretty much the same universally
  25. I'm also addicted to the Fallout 3 bug <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Dont have the dog though, and I think i kinda neglected the side quests to try hurry up on the main quest. Seriously, this could be the best game i've ever played. Even beats HL2 imho

    Got a pimped out place at Tenpenny's :D

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