new ghibli

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by MemberS, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. it's on the front page ( I know you guys don't go there much)
    looks amazing
    I thought Maserati was done after seeing the new 4porte and awaiting a chrysler based SUV
  2. I much rather have a Tesla Model S.
  3. I totally like the car. But I dislike when manufacturers re-use names, and don't stay true to the original.
  4. it looks better than the quattroporte.
  5. 1. This is what the new Quattroporte should have been.

    2. The Ghibli should have been a coupe beneath the GranTurismo.
  6. What's wrong with you people, this looks terrible
  7. I love it and I also love the new Quattroporte.
  9. Looks bad!!! Just Asian and incoherent.
  10. Agree with Pinin & AA. Maserati is stinking up the joint lately.

    EDIT: Take the badges off and I'd think, "thats an OK looking Infiniti".
  11. atleast its better than the panaramraenara

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