New Grand Sport?????

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  1. Tonight I was driving home and saw a NEW Grand Sport!! I was not aware that they had re-released this car. This thing looked EXACTLY like the '96. Blue with a gray racing stripe down the center, red decals on the hood, black wheels, chrome "Grand Sport" with the "G" and "R" red on the sides of the hood......but I had not heard about this car being produced again! I am not sure if it's just some kind of appearance package, or if the Grand Sport is back!!! If anyone knows about this, please let me know! Thanks<!-- Signature -->
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    Re: New Grand Sport?????

    In a simple word NO, GM has not made a new Corvette Grand Sport. There is a tuner in Canada that is turning Z06's into Grand Sports. I am not aware of the details though, go to and see for yourself.

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