New GT-R tuner cars (updated with 3more!)

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    New GT-R tuner cars.

    consolindated it to one post.

    first off mines GT-R ...
    "The VX-rom is up and running, they have been testing on Fuji and Tsukuba."

    "The Mine's VX-rom is a programmable ECU. You can send your own ECU to Mine's and they will program one for you to your exact specifications and modifications of your car."

    "Please contact [email protected] for more info regarding this matter."
    end quote
    video of mines wanting to release to usa

    text translated to english:

    Some prices converted to USD.

    ESTA FULL SPEC SUSPENSION III, There are 2 versions listed one for $9,110 the other $11,483
    BIG BRAKE ROTOR KIT Front $2,201 Rear $2,344

    more pictures:

    NEXT UP...

    Harrison R35 GT-R
    new body kit, and paint job - lambo orange body and black rims.

    video of the Harrison

    more info translated:
    with pictuers :D

    they made the front look like the nissan proto with the air inlets under the lights.
    added some carbon fiber to the air inlets in the hood, and put on a differnt wing.

    NEXT UP...

    MCR GT-R R35
    MCR fitted a pair of exhaust tips made by arc, instead of dual pipes its one pipe per side.
    closeup of the tip

    MCR also brought some 19"'s for its GT-R.
    this will make the GT-R have a better acceleration and allow people to use a lighter rim than stock (for alot of money anyway!) and ditch the expensive runflats that come stock.

    NEXT UP...

    Top Secret and there GT-R R35.

    everyone wonders what is under the hood... but they dont have the engine in there at all! looks like they are modifing the engine and adding differnt turbos. they PULLED the engine out! thats freeking awesome!

    NEXT UP...

    Amuse and their R35 GT-R

    air splitter, Spoiler, R1 exhaust, and they also drove a new time on Tsukuba of 1:01.332

    the exuast is suppose to make 501hp on the dynojet.
    it states its from "mines" but its actually amuse.

    anyone wana do the pleasure and upload a buncha pics from these links - to the forum.

    NEXT UP...

    HKS releases some engine mods.
    wastegates and new turbo tubing, and according to the small blue rubber hoses they may have installed an EVC.
    not sure what else.

    NEXT UP...

    Fujitsubo R35 GT-R

    Fujitsubo is mostly famous for their exhausts. On their stand at the Tokyo Auto Salon they presented this nice R35 GT-R. Not sure on what rims the car has. Maybe you do?

    NEXT UP...

    R35 GT500 Unveiled
    Nissan unveiled their R35 GT-R GT500 during the Tokyo Auto Salon.
    more pictures on the net of this. its sweet!
    a vid and more images here:
  2. New GT-R tuner cars.

    On looks alone, i would take the Harrison.
  3. New GT-R tuner cars.

    Top Secret for me.
  4. New GT-R tuner cars.

    Mine's for me, that white just looks awesome. and i've always liked Mine's cars.
  5. New GT-R tuner cars.

    I can't wait with what Top Secret will come out with. And I'm conflicted about Amuse's rear wing, I like it but I want to hate it.
  6. New GT-R tuner cars.

  7. New GT-R tuner cars.

    all absolutely amazing. I'd take top secrets'
  8. New GT-R tuner cars.
  9. New GT-R tuner cars.

    Will own one in 10 to 15 years.
  10. New GT-R tuner cars.

    Man the Top Secret one is the best colour I've seen yet to complement the black nose.

    Similar colour to the Shelby Mustang GT500.E from Gone in 60 seconds.
  11. New GT-R tuner cars.

    I love that dark grey graphite, I want to paint my next car that colour.
  12. New GT-R tuner cars.

    seriously, cant wait what top secret can pull off with that engine. exciting!
  13. New GT-R tuner cars.

    Top Secret FTMFW
  14. New GT-R tuner cars.

    Also, did you see that Porsche 911 by top Secret?

    #$%#ing hot!
  15. New GT-R tuner cars.

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  18. New GT-R tuner cars.

    I'm more interested in seeing if Mines can make it faster than their R34 car.

    ..but anyway, tuned GTRs all good.
  19. New GT-R tuner cars.

    I like Mines best.
  20. New GT-R tuner cars.

    Ill wait for Nismo 600R.
  21. Mines has two or three GT-Rs.

    they have one that has some mods on it. they have been testing it for a while now.

    im not sure about this, but i think one is completly stock... but then again mabe this was the first one and they just added parts to it.

    in any case one is going to be road legal and the other will be only for the track. meaning it will have ALOT of stuff! massive adjustments!

    what you see now is only the bottom of the mountain for parts from mines... but they are the ones with the most stuff out sofar.
  22. Love the exhaust on the Mine's

    Love the color of the TS.

    Still in love with the race version.
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  24. i think i like the top secret the best... not mine's for sure, gloss white cars always look weird in my opinion. harrison's color is kinda cool but top secret's is better. maybe really dark gray with orange stripes or something like that

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