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  1. I'm sure it's more fun to steal one, but it usually sucks to drive from south Broker to north Bohan so spawning a helicopter will often times make the game more enjoyable because you don't have to deal with the difficulties of driving.

    Put another way, using the helicopter is basically the same as calling a cab or riding the train/subway.
  2. Way to not understand the game. If you don't want to drive (which is fun anyways), then take a Taxi and skip the drive. It instantly drops you off where you want to go for like $20-30.
  3. Why pay money for a cab ride when you can enjoy the challenge of flying a helicopter yourself? I think it's silly that you're trying to universally crucify the use of cheats when it actually makes the game more fun to play (which is the whole point).
  4. It doesn't though. You're a cheater at heart, so you may not understand this, but for most people having to work towards a goal makes it more satisfying. There is a sense of achievement that comes with feeling like you earned it.
  5. I definitely understand what you're saying, but sometimes the travel in this game feels like grinding in an RPG.

    It can be fun at times, but usually you'd rather just spend your time doing other things.
  6. I'm just hoping the difficulty doesn't get stupid like the other GTA3 gams so I can keep from cheating
  7. I discovered today that you can put a helicopter in your parking spaces... I stole one from the helitour place and lowered in, then saved. Now I've got a helicopter outside the apartment.
  8. So I'm 23:12:xx and 42% done, how are people beating all the missions in 30 hours?
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  10. dumb question: how do I pick up a hooker? is this explained in the story somewhere because I never figured it out in the previous games
  11. Ya I don't know how to do it either. For a have sex with a hooker and beat her to death and take your money back simulator, it sure isn't newb friendly.
  12. I haven't picked up a hooker in GTA4 yet, but in older ones it would have to be night and usually a street with no traffic, you pull up near one and honk the horn, she gets in, you drive somewhere secluded, fake sex begins.
  13. I've literally only seen one hooker in the 10+ hours that I've played.
  14. Hookers are almost a non-existent element in the game. Ive never picked one up in my whole play-thru, and i've seen maybe 3-4 in that whole time.
  15. i beat it at the 25 hour mark. the game finishes around 60% completion. when i hit 20 hours i realized i didnt want to have to play through again to get that achievement, so i quickened my pace a little.
  16. im on the final mission now, im hoping
  17. Beat the story in 28:58:59, such an awesome game, I didnt even bother to get my friend's points up or anything I just played straight through, barely drove around anywhere cause I took cabs all over the place.

    Best video game i've ever played (and I haven't really even played multiplayer that much yet), only the next GTA will top this one off

    +1 for two different endings
  18. apparently you drive up beside them and honk the horn.

    this was how you did it in GTA3. I don't know what all the fan fare is about, it's totally anti-climatic and the only reason anyone would want to was to refurbish your health bar without finding the hearts (again, in GTA3)
  19. new thread! I can't get to the previous page!
  20. QFT.

    Someone in the media should actually play it to discover how hard you have to work for poon in this game! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  21. What do you think guys, new game thread GTA IV edition or separate new just GTA IV one?
  22. GTA IV one.

    I don't want to co-mingle with the game thread crowd.
  23. Yeah what a bunch of #%[email protected] #%$gots.

    Ok here she comes.

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