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    Factory Five Debuts Second Generation GTM

    Factory Five Racing, the world’s largest manufacturer of component car kits, hosted its 13th Annual Open House on Saturday, June 12th. The event featured new models, new products, and new partners for Factory Five as thousands of customers and guest took in the event held at the companies world headquarters in Wareham, Massachusetts.

    One of the highlights of the show clearly was the introduction of the next generation GTM Supercar, the flagship of Factory Five Racing. This GEN 2 model is the first major overhaul of the GTM Supercar since it was introduced in 2006. In addition to a redesigned nose, doors, and rear hatch the GTM Supercar Gen 2 will also cost less to build, be easier to build, has improved parts, and most amazingly will have increased handling and performance.

    “The challenge of improving a car that is faster 0-60 mph than a Ferrari Enzo, a Porsche GT, and a Saleen Twin Turbo S7, was not easy. But with the engineering support from Solidworks Corp., and the great guys at General Motor Performance, we were able to improve power from the potent LS7 engine, increase downforce with the revised body shape, and our engineers tightened up the suspension and steering for better control at speed.

    The new GTM was painted by Carl’s Collision with ChemSpec USA paint.

    "ChemSpec USA is honored to be named the official Paint for Factory Five Racing. As a World Class paint supplier, we are proud of what we can bring to the world's largest manufacturer of component car kits. It was also an honor to partner with such a quality shop as Carls Collision Center, on this
    exciting project," said Ron Snow, National Sales Manager. “We work with quality paint and repair shops all over the world and Carl’s Collision is clearly one of the best in the business,” Snow added.

    In addition to the unveiling of the Gen 2 Supercar the event also featured a traditional parts sale, car show and presentation of the Factory Five Legacy/Robert Fedderson Memorial Award. New to the Open this year was an open invitation for 36 volunteers to become beta testers in an effort to develop some new car care products. These products include: car wash, car wax, swirl remover, detail spray, interior detail, glass cleaner, wheel/tire cleaner, and tire dressing. These are very expensive products and chemicals that are not sold in stores.

    Below, and on the following pages you will find photos (and video) from the Open House, photos and detailed information on the GTM Supercar Gen 2, and much more. For more information about all of Factory Five Racing’s cars or products visit


    Last January, we focused engineering resources on improving and upgrading our flagship model, the GTM Supercar. This was the first change to our flagship model since it was introduced in 2006. While the design was successful we knew there were areas we could improve upon. With a goal of having the new model ready for our June Open House I gave the engineering group some goals and let them loose. The team focused on feedback from customers but kept some simple goals in mind through the process; which were to reduce cost to build, make easier to build, improve quality of parts, and increase performance and function.
    Of course no one does something like this alone and I want to thank and acknowledge the contributions to this new model by General Motors Racing, Mendeola Transmissions, Jeremy Lucini from SolidWorks, Romarine Composites, Carl's Collision Center, and ChemSpec USA.

    Below is a summarized list of Gen 2 GTM Changes and Upgrades:

    • Revised Boys Shape and New Molds/Process
    • Re-designed front nose section and molds
    ◦ Smaller air intake for better looks and improved aerodynamics
    ◦ New in-set hood cooling vents
    ◦ Contoured lower leading edge/lip
    ◦ Molded-in headlamp buckets
    ◦ New side canards/spoilers
    ◦ Improved aerodynamics/downforce
    ◦ Re-shaped hood surface with lengthened detail
    ◦ Improved visibility with deletion of wiper bulge.
    • New door design and molds for improved weather seal and ease of assembly/build
    • New rear hatch design and revised molds with stronger liner/construction and fixed deck for rear wing mounting.
    • Revised rear diffuser angle for increased downforce and improved engine cooling
    • Glass rear quarter windows (previously done, now standard)
    • Revised carbon and aero parts including
    ◦ Functional roof scoop
    ◦ Contoured front splitter
    ◦ New radiator duct exit vents in hood
    • New molds for the main body shell and all panels.
    • Red gel coat molded parts reduce bodywork significantly
    • New Interior
    • New high-end interior with improved fit/finish, stitched seams and better looks
    • New/revised seat design that looks better and fits better
    • Revised door liners with new door pulls
    • New GTM-specific gauges (recently released)

    Other Changes
    • Improved front suspension geometry
    • Affordable ($1,299/set!) high performance aluminum 18" wheels that allow 335 rear tires
    • GMPP OEM factory kit completion parts available (Brand new, no donor parts required)
    • GMPP LS3 E-Rod engine package
    • In development optional/reasonably priced high hp, U.S.A. made transaxle
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  3. This should be the next Corvette.
  4. FINALLY! another good american car
  6. Better interior than the Agera.
  7. Didn't they use the Porsche transaxels in the past? I wonder what prompted them to switch.
  8. If you read the link, they say that the Porsche transaxles have become more expensive.
  9. This should be TSCM next project.
  10. Ty
  12. in the past it was kinda easy to find one, now it's harder and more expensive...
  13. Gotcha... I shoulda read the whole article first.
  14. Woop dee doo!
  15. Bang for the buck. Awesome.
  16. According to Road&Track, GM was going to make the C7 mid engine, until it ran out of money.
  17. Sorry, but I really can't tell if you are being sarcastic or serious.

    A mid engined Vette sounds bad ass but I think that might be a bad idea. The Corvette is one of the few things GM is doing completely right, they need to leave it alone. Don't molest a success with dramatic changes. If they want to make a mid engined car... fu@#ing awesome, just don't call it a Vette and see how it does. If it is a success, and you still want to call it a Vette, then you are in a much better position to do so.
  18. They've been saying that since the C4.

    They also said GM was going to branch Corvette off into it's own brand.
  19. This thing looks so good... I'm falling in love with it again.
  20. Indeed, everything is win about this. Well, except the fact I don't have one. That's not win, not win at all.
  21. The best modern American sports car.
  22. Better than a JOSS.
  23. ive never heard of this, looks pretty awesome.
  24. Spyder757 had one!

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