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  1. I heard the original one had awful quality issues.
  2. It was also a #%!@ to build.

    That said, I want to build one of these.
  3. It's a kit-car... it was difficult to put together, but not impossible, there's a ton out there already finished. Hopefully this new one fixes most of the problems (I think most of them were body-related).
  4. i dig this one much more, looks like they are working out all the bugs from the first gen.........i would like to build one of these.
  5. they used my AC knobs and window switches. Really, it sounds affordable until you start building them. To do any car right is alot of $$$$
  6. And you guys criticised the Joss GT for being bland!

  7. Yeah, yeah, we get it... Wooo joss has a supercar and they're Australian. Woooo! We're all dying for it's 2020 release date.
  8. Um no, you don't get it.
  10. Supra is butthurt
  11. I feel like there was something about the chassis requiring work as well. Wasnt straight or something.
  12. the interior is worse than a corvette's interior.
  13. between $$$ 50-ish K to 80 for a really good one.
  14. The interior is upto the customer (like pretty much everything with it), check some examples:

  15. pretty LAME cd player...
  16. show me the cd player in your beloved Josss Supacar... OH YEAH, FORGOT THE JOSS DOESN'T EXIST.

  17. kinda generic
  18. I want this bad. For less than 100K you can have a real supercar that will rape 99.8% of the cars out there.
  19. it loosk great from top down. i dont like those vents on the hood though
  20. looking at it again i'd say that the front is maseratish, not that it's a bad thing..
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    Nice find <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  23. I'd build one w/o a sound system.
  24. Much better looking than Joss.

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