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  1. The orange one please.
  2. the interior is seriously bland and poorly might be quality parts, but the overall interior shape is just not up to par with the exterior.

    id still build one though.....unless you could get a mosler kit, mmmmmm that would be even better
  3. That blowed my mind
  4. needs to be black.
  5. needs to be black.
  6. atleast its not american.
  7. What is a car that doesn't exist?
  8. the best car in the world ever.
  9. *imagines the msot elegant, hitech stereo system for imaginary asstralian supercar*
  10. well empty space isnt exactly "exciting"
  11. do you get my jokes? im saying the car isnt real
  12. it doesnt exist
  13. asstralian imagination
  14. it does exist actually and i honestly belive its the best car in the world.

    its beats the bugatti veyron.
  15. i love it so much aye
  16. joss is shit gtm will own it any day
  17. the gtm is so bad that i shit better cars out of my vagina.
  18. you shit from your vagina?
  19. i guess its opposite day in asstralia!!!!
  21. *** ***
  22. Ha ha lol!
  24. I agree with all the posts made by Adrienne.
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