New Honda S2000 & NSX won't arrive until 2009

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  1. 1. I would say the 911 is a luxury sports car. Why? Because it is a sports car, but it is also luxurious.

    2. You said a 70k car should have a 70k interior. A 70k interior implies it is going to be a very good interior. I consider a very good interior to be luxurious.

    3. F40, F50, other typically higher end Ferraris. It's not that they're bad interiors, but spartan for sure. I mean not even a radio for christs sake!

    4. Supercar by it's very nature implies it is a fast car. If Honda made a civic model with one of the most outrageous body kits imagineable to make it look exotic but it still has a 200hp I4, would it be a supercar? Obviously not.

    I don't understand what you mean by sports car billing doesn't equal sports car interior... Are you trying to imply sports cars in general are supposed to have nice interiors? Look at MGs, Sunbeams, Austins, ect. Most of them didn't have nice, or decked out interior for their day. Neither does they Miata today.
  2. thats why my current realistic dream car is to shove an ls1 into an older nsx. actually i dont konw if that would fit at all but yah.
  3. That is a brilliant idea... I'm being totally serious when I say that. Except change LS1 to LS2 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>. The NSX had a DOHC V6, so an LS2 will fit. You might have to do some crazy stuff to make it fit depending on the engine bays layout, but it'll fit.

    I don't know if anyones ever done that but that would be one awesome car. The NSX is a very good car (amazing might be the right word), but it really was somewhat underpowered. And it's engine is expensive to mod. So an LS V8 would essentially make it the perfect setup. And with what used ones can be had for it wouldn't be an insanely expensive project either.

    +10 for having a good dream car.
  4. Power really isn't an issue, it's cost. If they still sold the NSX at 66K USD it would fly out of dealerships. It's the 120K USD.
  5. Exactly. But it's the power to cost ratio. If it was light as hell and had 300ish HP and was fairly cheap, it would sell. But if they want to charge what they're probably going to charge it's gotta have more power.
  6. Just as well, no need to kill off a design every 5 years (R.I.P. MR2 Spyder Assebly Line). And the S2000 and NSX are the only two attractive cars honda/acura sell, let them get some other cars right before they mess these up.
  7. Why would you want to put a LS1 or LS2 in an NSX? It's not about the power. The NSX was one of the best handiling cars of its time and it has heritage with Ayrton Senna himself having helped with its tuning. Putting an LS2 in the NSX would make it go quicker but you'd be stripping away its soul.
  8. lotus elise
  9. *giving it a soul.
  10. Is WAAAAAAAY lighter than the NSX would possibly be... Hence doesn't need as much power to be "fast".
  11. "2. You said a 70k car ... interior to be luxurious."
    "3. F40, F50, other ... not even a radio for christs sake"

    Those contradict eachother pretty hard. The Enzo has a very spartan interior (manual windows, no stereo, etc) but I don't think anyone in their right mind would say it isn't a nice or "expensive" interior.
  12. It dont seem like the S2000 has been out for that long.
  13. Not really. I said myself that it's spartan, but not shitty. If the Enzo interior were in a normal car I bet there would be plenty of gripes about it.
  14. The new NSX will need 3 things. More than 450 hp. (No SH-AWD please, at least not standard.) Under 3100 lbs. without driver. Revised body for better looks and aero (make the nose more aggressive and the rest of the body curvier). An even stiffer chassis and better suspension would be nice as well to take handling to the next level.
  15. I bet they need the extra time for the next NSX to switch engine position from midship to front. No more thoroughbred supercar. This one's gonna be like the Lexus LFA. I hear the next S2000 will move upmarket and become less sporty and instead more luxurious. I know Honda is trying to move upmarket to avoid competition with the Koreans who themselves move upmarket to avoid the Chinese, but why take the spirit off the NSX and S2000?
  16. Elise? i dont think many people rip on the elise for its interior.
  17. That's because it's not the Z06 I guess. People tend to target things that compete with their favorites, so maybe the Elise is less threatening? The fact that the Z06 competes effectively with a lot of higher end performance cars makes people defensive. The interior is about the only thing that can be spoken down on when comparing it to the competition, so that's what they do.
  18. no, because it fits the car. the z06 tries to be a big dog, but the interior seriously lets it down.
  19. I don't know what you mean by "big dog". But the Z06 doesn't TRY to compete with a lot of the exotics in the big picture. It is intentionally designed to merely offer the performance of an exotic, for less money. That's the WHOLE POINT of it.

    I don't see how people don't understand that. It's not like GM is like "Oops it doesn't have an interior as good as a Ferrari. We dun fcked up." It is on purpose. MAYBE they could do a better job of it for the same money, but they didn't. And even if they did it wouldn't matter because the Z06 isn't supposed to have its interior as a selling point. It's 500HP all aluminum engine, and amazing handling are it's selling points. That's it.

    I'm sure if GM spent the difference in cost on the Z06 and it's competitors on the interior it'd have a hell of a lot better interior than them... They wouldn't even have to do it, they could sub contract it out to the best interior place in the world and still end up coming out cheaper than the competition. But who cares, because that's not the point.
  20. Nobody buying a Z06 is cross-shopping with an F430. It's not supposed to be an exotic.
  21. GM need to git er don and just offer the thing with a decent interior.
  22. I think they should setup a deal with a company, and offer a "deluxe Interior" or something for 10K more, and then just send completed cars minus interior there. Then people could get a nice interior if they want, but the normal one would still be less for those who are sensible and don't give a shit what their 500HP beasts interior is like.
  23. Agreed 100%
  24. "Nobody"

  25. This thread title is wrong, it should have something like "Z06, the interior returns."

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