New Honda S2000 & NSX won't arrive until 2009

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  1. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with purchasing from a dealership. My S2 came from a dealership, and I got raped, but I knew that, and I wanted the car so I was willing to pay for it.

    Buying privately saves thousands. All for the sake of a none existant warranty from a dealership.

    Here's the first pic. Still waiting on insurance paperwork and a possible vin number.
  2. Christ. The year of the car is not determined by the year it was first registered. 2007 model year cars are not necessarily built in 2007. My fiancee has a 2007 Mazda6 that we bought in October 2006.
  3. Welcome to what I #$%#ing said 2 #$%#ing pages ago.

    Farking stupid redneck #$%#ing americans. What's your #$%#ing point? FARKKKKK. GO re-read the thread. You're "arguing" with me, and not even creating a #$%#ing arguement. Imbecile.

    In other news:
    " My BUILD DATE is June 1999, the delivery date on my service book says August 1999, my Insurance cover says 1999 and the rego label on my screen says MAKE: Honda - MODEL: S20099A......."

    Any questions....
  4. This is very simple. When you buy a car, you go by the model year. You do not go by the year it was built. If your car was built in 1999, but they classify it as a 2000 model year, you buy it as a 2000. If it was built in 1999 and they classify it as a 1999 model year, then you buy it as a 1999. The year it was built is irrelevant. Which is what I said about 10 posts ago.

    edit: And congratulations, you own a 1999 model year S2k. So what?
  5. I guess he's happy that he owns the slower of the two S2000 engines.

    S2000 (2.0 liter)
    30-50: 9.9 seconds
    50-70: 9.4 seconds

    S2000 (2.2 liter)
    30-50: 8.8 seconds
    50-70: 7.9 seconds
    -Car & Driver
    November 2003

  6. Damn, that's a huge difference. I didn't know the 2.2 whooped the 2.0 by that much.
  7. Spyder is utterly afraid of engines without torque.
  8. I am too! Still though, I just didn't think the 2.2 was that much better than the 2.0, that being because the 2.2 is still pretty small.
  9. The point is nobody is arguing that the first production S2000 models weren't manufactured in 1999. We're saying the first MODEL YEAR was in 2000.
  10. O-M-G.
  11. 11/2000 actually. As you can see (evidently not) the picture I posted is red. The picture in my avatar, is blue. Just a subtle suggestion <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>

    "This is very simple. When you buy a car, you go by the model year. You do not go by the year it was built."

    That's just nuts. Is this how all of america buys 2nd hand cars? You guys are getting raped something savage. Seriously, my old man was a panelbeater for over 35yrs, I used to help him, and sell them etc. What your saying is what a typical salesman tries bullshitting you with. Its ludicrious. Only an imbecile would buy going by model year 2nd hand. Its the PLATE that counts, but what would I know.... I've only been around cars for like 20 years of my life.....

    What you're saying applies if you buy new. Not 2nd hand.
  12. Thats ironic really, considering the AP2 (2004+ model) requires the clutch link to be cut to enable you to be able to launch the car adequately to yield some amount of torque.

    Launching in an AP2 is thus not advisable for this reason.
  13. How is anyone getting raped? The difference between one car and the very next one off the line could be the difference between 2 years... If it has the same mileage, and condition WTF does it matter what year it is? The only time it matters is when they make mid production changes which matter to you. In which case you simple make sure you buy one after whatever has been changed, once again the year meaning nothing.

    I may just be a craaaaazeee American, but it seems kinda silly to say "Yea, I have a year 2000 S2000" when you buy it new and then going "I have a 1999 S2000" when it is used. When does it switch over? When it's rolled off the lot, a week later, 6 months, a year??? A car is the year it is given by the maker, because it doesn't really matter exactly when it rolled off the assembly line.
  14. I don't have avatars on, so I don't know/care what color your car is.

    Why wouldn't you go by model year? Or when you're buying used cars, would you say that this first Miata (built in June 2005) is looked at the same as this second Miata (built in October 2005)? What would the point be in differentiating between a 2006 model year Miata built in November 2005 and a 2006 model year Miata built in February 2006? It's the same #$%#ing car, one just rolled off the assembly line a few months later. Model year to model year is when the cars change, not when the actual year changes.
  15. Kelly Bluebook, in america they are used to give an estimate value for a used car, values go by model year. Even cars not sold in dealers go by model year. Everything goes by model year, not the year it was manufactured.

    Either way the most consitent way to refer to cars is by thier model year, not manufacture year because different model years can be made in the same year. So it would get confusing what features and other things your car has if you go by manufacture year and not model year.
  16. The year it was built doesn't matter #$%#tard.
  17. Well, McLaren777 knows more about the McLaren F1 than anything else, but you do have a point about the rest of your post. Every bit of it is true. Nonetheless, the NSX is a loved car, regardless of all that. You're right, but who cares about its price tag, because we all know no one can change that. That's just the way it is, the NSX is going to cost that much because Honda said so. I can speak for all NSX fans and say that we all wish it did cost a LOT less, but it is ok to love the car just the same as I love the Ferrari F40. The F40 is another story as far as it's worth, because Im not really comparing the two, but no matter what, all that is true and will always be true. Acceptance is all we can have and need for what we cant change.

    The question remains:
    ||| For how much it's worth, is it worth it?
    The answer remains:
    ||| It's all up to those that love the car if they have the money.
  18. I would love to inherit an NSX from a long lost relative. But tell, as an NSX fan if you had the money to spend aren't there many more cars you would much rather buy for the price?

    I'm a typical "bang for the buck" fanatic Z06 fan. But I do realize when you buy, say, a Porsche 997 you ARE getting what you pay for in other areas. I just think as a total package the NSX has been way over priced for years.
  19. *******Or when you're buying used cars, would you say that this first Miata (built in June 2005) is looked at the same as this second Miata (built in October 2005)? *********

    Its a different generation, obviously. So no.

    *******What would the point be in differentiating between a 2006 model year Miata built in November 2005 and a 2006 model year Miata built in February 2006? It's the same #$%#ing car.*******

    Because the plate will say 2005...
    Ok, I guess in the US you all go by model car. If EVERYONE went by model year, then I guess it works out.

    Here, a 2006 plate car, is worth about $2-5K less than a 2007 plate car, even when they are the same model year. You can have a 12/06 Miata for sale, brand new in a car yard, 0km, and the dealer will have $39K on it. You can have a 1/07 Miata right next to it, brand new, 0km, for $43K.

    Come 2 years time, when you go to sell it, 12/06 car has 20000km on it, and is for sale for $29K, as it is now 2 years old, as we are now in 2008, and it was made in 2006. Come two years time when you go to sell 1/07 car, with 20000km on it, and it will be for sale for $33-4K, since its still only a year old, since its plated 2007, and we are only in 2008.

    Make sense?

    Its just how we do things. Theoretically you guys are being "ripped off" a years worth of re-sale value, but if everyone in the US goes by model year, then nobody loses out I guess.
  20. I think that's kind of silly. If it's the same model year (which would mean same exact design) a few months difference in the manufacture date doesn't mean shit. Miles, maintenance, weather exposure and care for the car do.
  21. I would like to put my two sense into it, but I wont. All care about is the fact that it's a great car. As long as it has the 3.2 liter, Im satisfied.
  22. As long as it kicks lexus, supra, and skyline ass (hopefully some of the europeans as well), i'm satisfied
  23. Hondas arent about power, they are about balance and handling from a decent chassis
  24. honest to god that is one of the better responses i have ever heard. i have said for a long time that for the most part an interior of a car doesnt really mean alot, as long as its functionable i really dont mind, its the driving of the car i like best, not the sitting in it
  25. DE GUSTIBUS ET COLORIBUS NON DISPUTANDUM EST. Some people never learn...

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