New Jersey ends vehicle inspections

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    New Jersey to Limit Vehicle Inspections

    TRENTON (AP) — New Jersey will stop inspecting privately owned vehicles for mechanical defects beginning Aug. 1, limiting the inspections to emissions tests, the chief administrator of the Motor Vehicle Commission announced on Friday.

    The official, Raymond P. Martinez, said the state could no longer justify spending millions of dollars on the mechanical inspections. Mr. Martinez said the changes would save the state about $17 million.

    Vehicles will still be tested for emissions, but not until they are five years old. Previously, both types of inspections were required starting at four years.

    The state pays a private company to do the inspections and is charged per inspection.

    Twenty-nine other states do not inspect for mechanical defects like bald tires or worn brakes.

    “Cars are now made cleaner, more efficient, and with less than 6 percent of newer vehicles failing emissions testing, this was a common-sense decision for the M.V.C.,” Mr. Martinez said.

    School buses, limousines, jitneys, taxis and other vehicles with commercial plates will still be regularly inspected for emissions and mechanical defects.

    In addition to the more than two million inspections and reinspections the commission conducts each year, 578,000 are done for a fee by more than 1,100 licensed private facilities.

    One driver interviewed on Friday, Julio Rivera of Paterson, said he was happy not to have to wait in line for the inspections. “Most people take care of their cars anyway,” Mr. Rivera said.

    If drivers do not maintain their cars, they can still be cited by the police for equipment problems like broken headlights.

    Seems a tad un-safe to me but at least I do not have to wait in those long ass lines anymore.
  2. who the hell cares
  3. Exactly, everyone will be watching Jersey Shore.
  4. So vehicle inspections have been free?
  5. Let me know when the story is just "New Jersey ends" so i can celebrate.
  7. Thats the way it is here in arizona, emissions only and no inspection.
  8. Also, who cares? Its New Jersey, its a shitty state anyway.
  9. new joisy
  10. WV's is $12, just a visual, and required every year. Even had to take my Golf in with less than 500 miles.
  11. glad we dont have that bullshit. glad we dont have emissions too. free to have straight pipes and stupid levels of tuning
  12. It's a good thing we still have them, otherwise there would be idiots all over the place with half broken cars.
  13. We don't even have that sort of nonsense.
  14. seriously.
  15. Good, inspections are a wasteful sham. At least the rules I had to enforce were.
  16. My cousin in Missouri does inspections, and he told me if they inforced every rule, 90% of the cars would fail.
  17. so that's why there are so many shitty cars on the road in america.
  18. I wouldn't mind because I could drive in fully caged C2 with throttle bodies.
  20. Doubtful, but there's still a lot of overhead at the state level for maintaining this process. They're just cutting back the number of employees they need to staff for this and the number of systems they have to maintain for this.
  21. And I thought this sort of thing is norm in western countries...

    Once a new car comes three years old we are required to go to an inspection with it every year. This costs about 50e per visit.

    edit. Cars need to pass the tests (lights,brakes,emissions,tires,no leaks of any kind, no rust in load bearing places,shocks are tested), if anything is broken you have a month to fix it othervise the car loses its plates...

  22. I saw blatant safety issues...which weren't against the rules. The best I could do was refuse to drive the vehicle for fear that it would kill me. That's why inspections were stupid.
  23. We don't have to inspect shit in the State of Freedom - Florida
  24. surprised california doesnt have this
    at my work we see a lot of borderline dangerous cars
  25. I'm moving to Florida in 9 days and I've been wondering: am I required to have motor vehicle insurance in Florida?

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