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    A New Koenigsegg will probably be introduced at the Geneva auto show. This is info from the Swedish car sport magazine “bilsport”. There is very little info about the car but it will be named CCR(says the magazine), it’s a stronger and faster car then the CC. They say in bilsport that it will have around 800 hp and go over 400 km/h.

    They will use the same, extremely modified, Ford race V8 for the CCR.

    We can only wait and see how the car will look like at the Geneva auto show.

    Link :

    Only Pic:

    The numbers is not confirmed by the company, we have to wait and see.
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    you are correct. CCR 806hp and 687lb/ft of torque
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    In my opinion, this car looks waaay 2 much like a 360 Modena.(from the side). it's faster though. A lot faster. looks really nice. Does anyone know how to get a little icon thing?
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    can't wait to see it
  5. shit ccr 806hp! you can die now
  6. It is kinda on this website.
  7. did U see whene i posted the news??? it was in Feb.

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