New Lamborghini Supercar in Geneve

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Baklava, Mar 3, 2013.

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  2. this stance is so hot
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  4. Kinda silly looking. They forgot to stop designing.

    Interior is nice though.
  5. I see a lot of Diablo styling in this
  6. Yeah was thinking the same thing
  7. Its their M O. I figured Winkleman would take them in a serious dignified direction. This is classic Lamborghini. Over the top, silly, pointless and something straight out a comic book.

    Yet its still not going to stop the F70 from being the 800 pound dominant gorilla in Geneva tomorrow.
  8. Stop
  9. it's not the same thing.

    Lamborghini just made a 1 of 3. And sold all of them to private collectors who can afford that 4million dollar trophy.

    Ferrari is building a "game changing" halo supercar. Clearly the enzo successor is going to make a much bigger impact on the market and competitors.

    I'm not even sure the Veneno owners really even know it's even faster than the standard Aventador. That's not the point though. Exclusivity sells.
  10. The only reason why FXX/599XX are driven is the program behind them.

    What they are doing here is making a concept car x3 and selling it.

  11. how much support can Pagani REALLY give to the Zonda R owners?
  12. Expensive body work.
  13. i think the front is a little over-styled looking. however that lmp fin and the back are ace. also liking the stance as woot said
  14. I've never saw any Zonda R on a trackday. With the amount of photographers around these days, you would know if there was a zonda R on a track somewhere.

    I am sure that you could find some specialist who could run a Zonda R for you. Flatbed or truck with some mechanics but if you are up to these why not buy a full blown race car like an ex Murcie GT1 ?

    So yeah those things are awesome but pointless.
  15. holy nutsack that's ridiculous. And awesome.
    I want to see smelly old white men driving these
  16. Ugh not you again.
  17. It really reminds me of the Diablo GT/GTR in this shot, more than anything since then. Like w00t said, that stance.
  18. Putting exclusivity aside, this needs to be super light to justify the price tag.
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  20. That is brutal looking, it just looks like it was designed purely for maximum downforce.
  21. holy shit those live pictures are insane.

    it doesn't even look like a car. It looks like one of those 3 option transformers and it's just a folded airplane or jet that's thinly disguised as a car.

  22. It's so radical and different. I like it.
  23. they're really easy to set up. a friend of mine owns one and he just basically rents whatever track he wants to drive on and drives it. the reason there probably aren't any pictures are that when they rent the tracks they make sure no ones there to take pictures of them.
  24. lol looks like a pile of crap covered in fins and "speed holes"
  25. looks great and all, but its typical lambo. first they did it with the lp640 based reventon which sold for about 4 times the car it was based on. mind you, the car didnt undergo any major development. it as basically a rebodied murcie lp640 with a cool interior. now this, a rebodied aventador at 8 times the sticker price? if the car hasnt undergone any major development compared to the aventador its based on, its a complete and utter ripoff, exclusive or not. the zonda r cost anywhere from 1-3 times the price of a standard production zonda and had a hell of a lot of developmental stuff on it that made its way into the huayra. as a matter of fact, a zonda r had 90% of its parts newly developed over any zonda, it was for all practical purposes its own new car(and a developmental platform for the huayra). lambo seems to like this business model of sticking some great looking body work on their top of the line car and calling it a new car. yah people will buy it, people will probably buy even greater ripoffs should they have a cool badge, but its still a ripoff.

    ps. the last time they did this, a la reventon, they promised to limit the production to 20 and ended up pushing for an additional 80, a total of 100 when the owners and those on the waiting list got outraged and lambo backed off. lets see if they try to make 15 of these after the initial 3 and wait for owners to complain to reduce it back to 3...

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