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  1. So you think they're only gonna sell 100?

    They'll sell all of them and there will still be enough demand for upgraded variants in the future, mark my words. If people paid like 2 million for a Murcielago with a body kit, then they'll pay 350 grand for a very fast and exclusive Toyota.
  2. love it. would buy if i could. but if i could, like its been said, i'd probably have every other car in its class anyways. so this is just a brand new toy. and i think thats who Toyota is targeting with this.
  3. Its not like most of us could afford a 75K+ car in the near future.
  4. Yeah seriously guys. When it comes to supercars I really personally don't care how much they cost, it's not like I'm gonna be buying any of them, I'm just glad they exist so I can appreciate them. None of the people here complaining about the price are gonna buy them, and every one of them is gonna be sold, and the same can be said of any successful supercar, so the price is irrelevant.
  5. you don't have $3 let alone $300,000
  6. also, big fat #$%#ing lol at all the badge whores in this thread
  7. It seems overpriced considering Nissan GT-R costs less than $80,000.
  8. The GT-R is incredible value for money, it's pretty hard for anyone to beat that in terms of bang for your buck.
  9. On the other hand, this car is as quick and as 599GTB, and looks even hotter than 599GTB in my opinion. I would buy this car if I have the money.
  11. reading this thread was hilarious, thank you very much every single one of you. Ok now you can actually stop the charade.

    seriously, if you think the car is overpriced, consider if this car was the new Mclaren, everyone would be busting their loads over it.
  12. LOL...neither do I. It sucks not being rich...

    Personally I don't like how car ended up looking. And $350k is a lot more than people were expecting. I'd rather spend the cash on a DB9. Or a decent house...LOL.
  13. ELL


  14. Decent house for $350K?
  15. In before "C6 Z06"
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  17. that, and added some gravel
  18. Depends on where you live.
  19. and what your definition of "decent" is.
  21. Its £336,000 so more like $560k USD. Isn't that more than what a Carrera GT was new?
  22. It could cost $1,000,000 and it would still achieve it's goal. It only has to be slightly better than the GT-R to be the best Japanese performance car on the market, ever.
  23. Yes it's overpriced, but it looks sharp, sounds like an orgy, and goes fast. Thumbs up from me!
  24. How about this?

    "In many ways, its closest natural rival is the Ferrari 599GTB, although the Lexus is more visceral and exciting and better balanced and more nimble. At the same time, the LFA is easy to drive at everyday speeds, quiet at cruise, and refined, just like a Lexus should be."
    - Car and Driver

    "What’s more impressive though, is that the LFA has a character of its own, rather follow a preset supercar template. That it is more solidly constructed than anything Italian, and less flamboyant, is perhaps to be expected from a Lexus. What’s surprising though is how honed and sharp it feels to drive. While it has GT qualities it’s no soft-edged GT. Instead it is a serious and credible supercar."
    - Autocar
  25. Looks very badass, but that doesn't mean it's pretty. It's very weird actually, the only really beautiful part is the profile. Even the interior is strange.

    It sounds amazing though, and probably drives very well too. It's just a shame they won't mass produce it.

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