New LFA pics and awesome vid

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  1. im already bored of the looks. lexus is the master of over-priced zZz mobiles.
  2. visually, i liked the concepts better but I feel like Toyota is going to bring it with this one. They've been developing it forever now. plus, 9000rpm = delicous.
  3. It may sound amazing but it looks pretty bad to me.
  4. I'd rather have one than a lambo. Lambo's are yawnfests.
  5. Sounds good.

    I want to see it in tests though.

    If this is anywhere near the 599 in performance I will gladly rest my case, seeing as though this was constructed for far better road usability.

    I just have a problem because I read the 458, and the MP4 12C is what this was built to compete with... And the fact that both are 100,000+ cheaper....

  6. so you'd rather have something thats 10x as boring?
  7. Considering how much lighter it is than the 599 GTB, I don't think outperforming it is gonna be a problem, at least around a track. Also, there hasn't been a US price announced for the MP4-12C yet, but it's expected to be priced above the 458, which makes sense considering the carbon chassis as opposed to an aluminum one. If you look at the prices of other production supercars that have used a mostly carbon fiber chassis structure, most of them have been well over $350,000.

    Mclaren F1, F50, Carrera GT, SLR Mclaren, Pagani Zonda, Veyron, Aston Martin One-77... etc

    On top of that, it's not like Toyota has no racing heritage, the Toyota Eagle is probably my favorite IMSA GTP car ever, and the TS020 definitely had the potential to win Le Mans, if not the luck. Rod Millen used to dominate Pike's Peak in Toyotas. Besides that Toyota's been involved in countless racing series, everything from Baja 1000, to rallies and hillclimbs to Formula 1, to JGTC. Koenigsegg has no racing history at all, and no prior brand identity, and people are buying their car for over a million. So this doesn't seem like that bad a deal.
  8. "If this is anywhere near the 599 in performance I will gladly rest my case"

    didn't you JUST read those two road-test extracts?

    incase you've managed to forget, a few things were said about the LF-A when comparing it to a 599:

    - "more visceral and exciting"
    - "better balanced"
    - "more nimble"

    bettering three expectations set by the 599 (two, if not all of which being significant to judge performance and driving experience) is hitting few steps higher than getting "anywhere near" it.

    You need to "rest your case" now.

  9. Having driven both the LF-A, and all current Lamborghini's, you are in better position to judge this than anyone!
  10. I think most people expected it to cost around $150K.
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    This video might have been posted in here before, but wow, it just sounds intoxicatingly good!

  12. i see like a dozen lambos everyday and the driver looks the same everytime.
  13. like a ****?
  14. I'm not a fan. To me it just looks like a run of the mill Japanese coupé. Does nothing for me.
  15. Wonder what will void the warranty.
  16. There is an industry rumour flying around that Toyota plans on making only 500 units of the LFA which will make it MUCH rarer than the expected sales for the 458, Gallardo, etc.
  17. I think one of the things I really like about this car is that, while it obviously looks like a high performance car, it doesn't look nearly as exotic or unconventional as it actually is under the skin. Look at an F50, and it's no surprise that it has a carbon fiber chassis and a high revving naturally aspirated engine with more cylinders than is typical. On the other hand, if someone who didn't know what this car was saw it on the street, I doubt they're ever assume it has a carbon fiber chassis, or a V10 that can hit 9,000rpm. At least not until hearing it. They'd probably more likely assume it has a V6 and a steel unit body. I don't know, something about that is appealing. The fact that it's much more than meets the eye, rather than less.
  18. ...thats in the first post of this thread.
  19. Dude that guy is clearly an industry insider, don't talk down to him, he'll give us the inside scoop.
  20. But the question is, even with that kiddie focussed dual shock gearbox, can it keep up with a real car with a real gearbox like the ZR1?
  21. It has a single clutch transmission.
  22. ...You got me; It grew on me even more. Like an asian fungus....
  23. Lmfao too funny
  24. I don't know, but I do know it has REAL nice interior.....

    And not Aveo/Cobal/HHR/SSR/Ever#$%#ingcarchevymakes interior in the ZR1
  25. it didn't "grow on you"

    you realised you were being a moron.

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