New LFA pics and awesome vid

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Ferrariformula, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. i hate that he's on about it being a lexus. so what? its incredible. just look at it that way.
  2. Euro elitism.

    They're just pissed coz now that the Japanese gentlemens agreement is over, more imports will be outperforming their precious Euro makes.

    (yes I class the Lexus as japanese made car)
  3. I look at this car as a slightly better looking and sounding alternative to the GTR, but still shit nonetheless.
  5. So everyone likes it now right? Good.
  6. I still think it looks terrible.
  8. Front looks god awful. But I love it none-the-less. Just the engineering alone is drool worthy... And then the noise... And the body from the front wheel back...
  9. Bow down to the CCX.
  10. I like virtually nothing about this car.
  11. Big surprise there
  12. I've liked it since day one, actually.
  13. That's a long time ago...
  14. It will cost $375,000, so no shit Sherlock.
  15. man i love this car
    just wanna jizz on it like something about mary or some shit
  16. I love the car, but the limited run and price are shit.
  17. yeh...and they're still not gonna make money. lol
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  19. I'm glad it didn't look like that.
  20. it does. It performs well though, so at least Toyota got that right. but Toyota has usually made decent performing sportscars. This is no Lexus though. Its a new Supra.
  21. Kinda funny coz the LFA is probably the closest to a McLaren F1 in the modern day sense of their approach to building it. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

    A no compromise, exotic material, latest technology, stupidly expensive supercar.

    (although as a drivers car, the Zonda will probably be closer)
  22. Hey, you guys know what's awesome?

    The LFA
  23. i dunno why they can't just make a new supra and have it look like this
  24. i wonder how the transmission will hold up, seeing as toyota/lexus don't have much experience with electro-hydraulic boxes. the shifting sounds nice and clean gearing down, but the upshifts sound sloppy, like clutch slip after engaging
  25. Well isnt it a true sequencial box and not DSG? Arent they usually stronger than DSG for the same weight if not lighter?

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