New LFA pics and awesome vid

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  1. good question, I don't have the answer though haha
  2. haha why is this car shit?
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  5. 165 units of a $400k car already "sold" in three months...Damn. I don't think Lamborghini can sell as many LP670s that fast.

    Of course Japan is probably crazy for any Japanese sportscar. Regardless, all 500 LFAs will probably be reserved by the end of this year.
  6. The car selling out in Japan is somewhat surprising. I don't think we can pin it down to nationalism, as Lexus had a tough time selling their cars in Japan up until about the past year. (The European marques have been traditionally favored there, even with Lexus's pricing advantage.)
    90 firm orders had already been taken in the US only a few weeks after the pricing was announced. That's more than half the allotment of cars (150), wiping out the entire 1st year of US sales, and eating into the 2nd year. It's probably quite a bit more than 90 by now.

    For those saying they could buy an LP640 for this money...yeah, you could get an LP640. You'd also get a technologically inferior vehicle with worse build quality and less exclusivity; Lambo sells more LP640s in a year than the entire production run of the LFA.
    And for the price of the LP640, you can always find something with more bang for the buck. When does it end? Bang-for-buck arguments at this price range are ridiculous.
  7. Well since the Japs can buy the car outright instead of leasing it unlike the US, maybe some international buyers simply went through the japanese channels to secure an outright LFA?
  8. That's possible. Are you thinking they will be bringing them back to the US like some GT-R owners have done?
  9. This could be true and I wouldn't doubt it. But the European LFAs are also being sold without a lease. Anybody know how fast the Euro LFA is selling?
  10. Last I heard, Autocar reported 5 weeks after the LFA's debut that just over 1/3rd (at least) of the European allotment had been ordered. 25 orders for 60-70 cars.

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