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    If anyone reading this is a new member who signed up after April 2016 - be advised that everything prior to that date was ported over from an old version of the forum that was pretty close to dying, so there will likely be a lot of cynicism and trash-talking about this site in those posts. Rest assured the site as it is now is actually very good!

    Welcome to the new and improved forum! Tell us about yourself :)

    If you have any concerns don't hesitate to message myself or one of the other moderators
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  2. Living life in Stockholm, Sweden. Love cars, and really enjoy driving cars. Currently rockin a bmw.
    Also started a youtubechannel recently where u can follow me for more videos and other stuff involving my journey!

    Happy to be here!
    / Az
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  3. Always good to see new members. I hope you stick around :)
  4. New member here in the U.S. this place looks pretty interesting (in a good way) already ;)
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  5. Welcome. We just had a complete revamp of the site and trying to keep the ball rolling.
  6. Welcome! Always good to see new members :)

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