New MINI at last..

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by relayagent, Aug 14, 2006.

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  2. Looks great!

    I hardly think it was very necessary though, it already looked pretty modern. Now, I look forward to future models like the convertible, Clubman, and others... Perhaps even a Woody Estate.
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  4. Looks better then expected after I saw those spy-pics last week.
  5. I like how the grill looks tidies up. I didn't like how they split it in two in the previous Mini.
  6. I think it looks better but I still dont like the way it looks.
  7. phew, they didn't #$%# it up.
  8. looks more british I approve
  9. doesnt look that bad, not as good as the current car though
  10. The Chin air intake looks to much like it is from the mainstream BMW range.

    The dash and switch gear has been simplified. It doesn't look as good quality.
  12. nice, they actually made a cute car look quite aggressive. and is it me or are the proportions improved? in any case a great move!
  13. Not bad, I like it. I hate when they build in stereos like that though, where they are all seprate pieces though.
  14. It looks too long or something.
  15. Excellent.
  16. I hope they didn't make it bigger.
  17. It looks like it has higher ground clearance.
  18. worse than current car. i dont know what it is, but the front just looks too tall or something.
  19. Yeah so much for being able to put in a custom system.
  20. they had to make the hood taller to meet new pedestrian safety laws. Which is mother#$%#ing #$%# ass rape bullshit.
  21. It's a lot lighter. The new BMW-designed engine probably helps a lot with that.
  22. somehow looks too long, and the side profile of the front sorta looks like a ballooned goldfish. the audio buttons clustered under the speedo look kinda weird...

    nice specs, but the redone styling is a disappointment. i like the current car better.
  23. looks more feminine to me
  24. Not as bas as I thought it would've been. Looks much more solid.

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