New Mini S transmission

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by kirbyzook, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. If anybody is interested in it, Mini has now given an automatic transmission as an alternative to their manual in their Cooper S. From their site:
    "The Cooper S Automatic transmission is a six-speed tranny that incorporates F1 style Steptronic paddleshifters on the steering column, allowing you to choose between fully automatic shifting or clutch manual driving."
    I think that if I get a Cooper S, I will definetly get the automatic. But I wonder how it will affect the performance?
  2. In a car like a Mini a manual is a must.
  3. Nah, I don't like manuals.
    Besides, I can just use the paddle-shifters when I want to.
  4. I'll zookify you.
  5. The Mini's manual is pretty sweet.
  6. Have you ever driven a manual?

    If not you cant speak, and if you have you drove a truck with one, because the Mini's manual is awesome
  7. I agree wholeheartedly with you. why put up with crap when you don't have to. this is the best of both worlds.
  8. I hear that the manual on the Mini's fun, but I don't want to always deal with a manual transmission. Also, paddleshifters would be really fun, AND I could eat or drink at the same time while driving.
  9. Get it in manual... seriously, its a must.
  10. No way, I like the automatic and paddle shifters.
    But I'll see from the first year if the transmission is solid, or if it's really crappy like the one on the Vanquish.
  11. Argh... Don't add to our already growing numb society of convienence.
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  13. Some of the most exotic cars in the world use automated manuals, the Enzo, for example, and the F430.
  14. F430 can be had in a manual...
  15. But why bother when you can get an F1 style gearbox?
  16. 1. 10,000 dollars.
    2. Because its a manual.
  17. F1 gearboxes are better, no dead clutch feet in heavy traffic. and who doesn't want to pretend they're Michael Schumacher when they're tooling around in their ferrari?
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  20. uh theres a difference between automatic transmissions with paddle shifters and manuals with paddles. i really doubt that the tranny in the mini is a clutchless manual. it's just an auto that you can control the dears in,it still has a torque converter. abd i dont believe the f430 shifts itself.
  21. You are a #$%#ing dumbass. You have never driven a #$%#ing car. Shut the #$%# up.
  22. seriously, what do you know about manual gears?
  23. Driving the 911 turbo?
  24. Don't listen to Burner... he is beyond stupid.

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