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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. By new I mean 5 years or younger, because I'm old and can't keep up lol

    Here's what I can say about 2019 so far: new Focus album is boring. New Ariana Grande album is boring, though 7 rings is ok. New Bring Me The Horizon is being outharded by 5 seconds of imagine at the disco. Srsly I feel trolled giving it a chance. New Fun Lovin' Criminals album (yes they're still around) is alright as background music. Their cover of 50's classic Rumble is alright. Lacrim (French rap) released a new album, but I only really like the track Bloody of it.

  2. Then further, because I'm a postwhore and separate what I could write in 1 message over several, I started a playlist collecting whatever background music is used on meme shite I follow on mostly intagroin. So it's mostly rap, beats, some rock and some dorky tunes. Enjoy. 77 songs in it now, but it racks up quite quickly.
  3. 2018 was nicer on me

  4. Oh yeah and new Lil Pump album is hilariously bad. Shit, the only good part of it is the half a minute Kanye's on (I Love It).
  5. i absolutely hate anouk, but her new song is awesome imo

  6. On heavy rotation right now

  7. I really need to start listening to music more regularly again.

    I need bluetooth in my car
  8. ;)
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  9. i dunno why but i really like this:

  10. lol these days anything with 6ix9ine is just like.... no
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  11. Lol he dead.
  12. multiple repeats for me on these

    some of this too
  13. of course.
  14. I can *** to this
  15. Lol f.ap is censored. What a crock of bullshit **** ****
  16. you fucking degenerate piece of shit don't use that word

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