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  1. Also the GemsOnVHS youtube channel is great for relatively unknown folk artists, if youre into that sort of thing
  2. I like tallest man on earth and gregory allan isakov is that the same kind of folk

    and the head and the heart and the lumineers on the more lolmainstream embarassing end
  3. a lot of old timey sounding stuff,but some more modern. I like this dude & song a lot


  4. I ain't even sorry.
  5. This polish chick has mixes that I can listen to a dozen times in a row. I literally spent an 8 hour work day listening to this mix on repeat:
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    Okay, this is actually great.

    Apparently, this was due to be Iceland's entry to the now cancelled Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

    EDIT: I just had a dance around the house to this. I think this is my new favourite song.
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  7. That's a pretty catchy tune. I need to find a copy without the beginning and end.
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  9. Have you guys listened to Highasakite? Apparently the band I listened to the most last year.

    Also, if you haven't listened to The War On Drugs, go do that.
  10. Mi familia
  11. The anal she must take while on heroin.
  12. currently addicted to this song
  13. old memories from high school
  14. A friend of mine put this album on in the background when I was at his house recently, and the intro riff to this track really caught my attention. Loving it.

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  15. Recently heard about this heavy psych/doom band, lots of fuzz.

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