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    I know some of you will crucify me for this (because I just make it so easy...), but a great new forum has recently opened up dedicated to Panoz!

    It's relatively small right now, but there are a few very active posters and some great stuff on there including first shots of the updated for 2011 Esperante and some new info on Panoz new model the Abruzzi.

    Feel free to check it out and if you have any interest in the brand, join the fun!
  2. If the production version of the new Esperante looks like that, then I like the nose much better than that of the current one.
  3. Yea, the bodywork on the new car will mimic the body seen on the ALMS GT2 car this year.

    I've never really loved the Esperante either, it's always been the LMP cars and the AIV Roadster that I've loved, but this new version definitely look better.

    I hope it finally being a true coupe also means it's got structure under the body there too. What's already a stellar performing car could become even better with a stiffer shell that a true coupe body shell would provide.
  4. Yeah I've never been sold on the styling of the Esperante even though it's a great car underneath. A new LMP is what would really be exciting though.
  5. And Tipo, judging from your avatar, you'll like this news:

    Aston Martin Racing is planning to run 2 of their LMP1 Lolas again in select LMS races and at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Frech outfit Signature Plus will be campaigning the 3rd car in the full LMS season and the 24 Hours!

    I hope one or both of them enter the Intercontinental Cup so I'll get to see them race in America!
  6. Panoz was actually planning to do a "new" LMP for next year, but they couldn't find investors to fund the project.

    I think it's a good thing though because word is, the "new" car would have been a re-hashed version of the old LMP brought up to today's regulations. They wanted to run bio-butanol fuel and potentially a Chevy V8.

    It'd kinda be a scar on the legacy of the old LMP1 if you ask me, so I'm glad it hasn't happened.

    I am hearing, however, that the new Abruzzi will be mid-engined and it will cater to a significantly more up-market customer than any Panoz road car before it. It's looking to be a true supercar and a racing version would be all but certain I'd think.
  7. Awesome news! Hopefully the Lola/Aston Martin relationship is less strained than last year and the partnership lasts a while with continued development.
  8. Yeah I'd rather see an all new car, and remember the old one as the car that battled it out with the V12 LMR at the end of the 90s.

    It would probably also take a lot to make a car built under a totally different set of regulations competitive against cars built specifically for the current ones.

    I'm also certain they'd make a racing version of the Abruzzi, hopefully we won't have to wait too long to get more details.
  9. The Esperante looks really outdated.
  10. prefer the esperante in convertible form.
  11. And also don't forget that the Panoz LMP-1 beat the all conquering Audi R8 more times than any other car of the era! It really was a great race car!
  12. I think the ACO has now deemed that from now on all LMPs will be badged first by their chassis manufacturer and then by engine supplier.

    So that should put an end to the whole Lola/Aston Martin name debacle.
  13. I actually got it confirmed that the new car is a Mid Front-engine car again like the Roadster and Esperante. I wasn't given many more details to share, but was told it looks VERY GOOD. Look forward to seeing it later this year.
  14. Wayne?
  15. That would be Ackmann to you Rabbit

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