new phone hell eyah

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bananatucker, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. work aye
    did you steal it from one of the corporate fatcats on wall street?
  2. sweet ironic post
  3. it's true, I love the Blackberry.
  4. you're an idiot or someone from 2006?
  5. Neither, its a great phone for business work.

    I don't spend my day watching HEllo Kitty tubes and tagging friends at In'N Out on Facebook, sorry
  6. Owned.
  7. That's we don't invite you
  8. you also dont spend your day making smart decisions when purchasing fones
  9. because my phone is not a social status for me, its a tool to enhance my work productivity and make calls. I don't need the most expensive or most powerful, just the most adapted to my work style.
  10. Changing anything for work is disgusting, work is disgusting, waist of life
    Smoke pot cigarettes and rant about capitalism and people who want normal lives like our friend alphonse
    The long haired hippy turk
  11. Owned.
  12. omg

    Chunderbolt is soooo nice

    way nicer than my old incredible

    shit is brand new for an ebay fone

    edit: Plus it came with a better Rezound battery and OEM extended battery was 50% off hell yeah
  13. good

  14. well during the last week it would suddenly anx without any apparant reasosn reboot. somehow it stopped doing that yesterday and i hope the problem is over
  15. Just got my Bold 9900

    Awesome, slim, incredible battery. OS is snappy/fast, no lagging. Touch screen rocks and the rez is very good.

    100% satisfied.
  16. you spend your day farting taco bell smells and pooping in yr tupperware can
    vuc koff get #$%#ed #%$got
    stop texting me pictures or your dick
  17. Forward those over here
    am expert I work for

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