New pictures: Lexus LF-H spied

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    The Lexus LF-A concept car has made a public appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show and elsewhere. However, while the shiny display model was on the Lexus stand, a black-clad prototype has been in testing since April.

    These latest photos show engineers putting the car through the paces at Germany's Nurburgring circuit. The car's complete roofline is now visible, and we expect more camo will be dropped in the coming months.

    Toyota officials let slip in Tokyo that the production car, likely to be called the LF-H, is going to have a V10 engine, developed from the engines in Toyota's F1 cars, which is thought to develop over 500 hp. Although the engine is front- rather than mid-mounted, the LF-H will be rear-wheel drive, and Lexus has promised "the ultimate weight balance," "extravagant comfort" and "precision operation." The LF-H hasn't yet been confirmed for production, but the continued and sustained testing of prototypes suggests that it's a pretty definite contender.
  2. I thought the V10 was dropped?! if this is true it's EVEN MORE awesome
  3. it's going to look so boring
  4. It's going to be so badass.
  7. By boring, you mean it won't be ridiculously overstyled like your designs, Innotech? Awesome. I'll take a boring on your scale anyday.
    (just kidding man, I love your stuff)
  8. I remember how cool the new IS looked when I first saw it in person.
  9. nah. cause an Aston Martin isnt ridiculously overstyled and I love it. Neither is the Bristol fighter or the alfa romeo 8C Competizione. but htis isnt understyled, its just UGLY.
  11. The only Lexus I'm looking forward to.
  12. Looks ok by me. And I'm sure if it's anywhere near the power levels they're talking about it will kick ass.
  13. new lexys are far from boring...
  14. Yeah totally! I mean, what were they thinking putting all that black fabric on there?!?

    EDIT: And triple, center-mounted exhaust tips and huge rear diffusers aren't typically considered boring/bland.
  15. you havent even seen it yet...

    I think it'll look awesome. What do you think of the IS?
  16. he hates anything to do with ToMoCo
  17. * anything to do with present/future Tomoco. I like the old MR2 turbo and the old old Celicas, Camries and the 90s corolla. I also like the old Lexus SC300 before they turned it into that retarded convertible SC430. I hate the new Is and yes Ive seen it and hte new GS in real life. they look no better than pictures. In fact, Id say you can see the bad proportions even better so they look worse.
  18. Innotech where is your sig from?
  19. from uranus.
  20. I made it up.
    Read the first letter of each line <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  22. the new IS looks sexy. you didnt mention that.
  23. "I hate the new Is"^^

    read again
  24. Lovin' that exhaust pipe!
  25. I think they could have done a better job with the front, but the back looks badass.

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