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  1. i love yoga pants
    girl butt
  2. ive done yoga at my gym. i've never been more sore.
  3. they should just call yoga what it is. extreme stretching. its a shame thats its not quite as socially acceptable for guys to do it, though its becoming more popular. its basically isometrics and dynamic stretching, and sports medicine is all about that stuff for avoiding serious pulls and strains and injuries along those lines.
  4. A lot of pro athletes have been doing yoga, as a team thing
    Good for core strength, flexibility and all
    at least in the nba
  5. ricky williams said yoga straightened out his life. then again the guy still prob smokes a ton of pot
  6. Whatever hes young rich and black
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    Also shutter island was an ok movie but the dream sequences were really well done so I like that movie
  9. That's really only for drive by shootings. I wouldn't recommend it for anything else.
  10. it was the best gun in RAINBOW 6: ROGUE SPEAR
    the mp5 full size is like one of the best cqb guns ever and thats a goddamn fact
  11. Holy shit I used to play rogue spear like crazy, like ladder tournaments and shit lol

    Then I lost my virginity and never played
  12. what is a ladder tournament
  13. You are part of a clan and you play other clans and you climb up the rankings like a ladder, then you masturbate and cry yourself to sleep
  14. dream life
    what do you do if mom walks in and shes like 'ugh clean your room and throw away all that tissue on your desk and get some sunshine and freshair it smells like an indian sweat shop in here'?
    thats the problem im having during tourneys
  15. `mooooooooom not now! Gosh I got killed because of you!`

    Stick cotroller up your ass
  16. oh lol that WOW kid
  17. man how did I ever NOT get into video games. feel like i missed so much.
  18. I don't understand like half the meme jokes because they're based on Pokemon and whatever game "slenderman" is in.

    We didn't miss anything.
  19. they very quickly all became variations of the same game. and all of them were filled with shitty retards that made online play out of the question. and offline play was the equivalent of coloring with five year olds, so that was a no go too. you'd have more fun just by not playing.
  20. pretty much sums up gaming in general.
  22. bf's female friend comes to visit us for the wknd from mississauga/someshithole/

    friend's husband status update on fb "13 hours of HALO straight and counting"
    my bf and i were both like WTF M8?, wondering how you can play a vidgame for THAT long.

    i mean, of course we've both been on a bike for that long (we do long distance tourinmg sometimes), because we're super fit and good looking, but don't think we'd ever sit on a couch tapping an XBOX pad for 13 hours.
  23. post some pics hansum
  24. I play Battlefield 3 on the reg. The new DLC has a crossbow!
  25. scraps, make shooting this week?

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