NEW S2000!!!!!!!

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    NEW S2000!!!!!!!

    Dang, I am impressed. Thats hard for a honda to do. The only thing I don't like is the price tag. I would still take a vette, but a nice car overall.
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    true, the price is up a bunch, but think about it. 360hp and it weighs less than a Miata!!
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    That's a fake. Trust me.

    It has the same bore/stroke as the S2000 yet again it is a 3.0L.
    Where the hell do u think S2000 got its name? : 2.0L engine.

    Its power/torque peaks are at the same RPMs as S2000's. A larger engine would have to cope with lower RPM , assuming Honda would increase stroke.

    The 6th gear achieves a lower speed than the 5th!

    Being an import it should be limited to 280HP. An NSX engine would be more believable.

    I wonder why people write these stuff.They better get a life.

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    damn, I hope not, but you could be right
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    Good points, but does it not say that it has an extra 2 cylinders, hence same bore and stroke yet larger capacity?
    Whatever, i still think this is a great car.

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    It sounds like a dream come true, but it sounds more like just a dream. A composite chassis design and production would cost Honda a pretty penny, not something profitable on a super specialized car. Even if they do produce it, I don't know if they can bring the S2000R to the US without an exterior redesign. Americans are notoriously superficial, so they won't pay 55K for a car that doesn't have a 55K look and brand (M3 convertible, Mercedes, Porsche, etc).

    Maybe I'm just in denial. I was saving up for an S2000 but now there's a better one that's beyond my budget =[...
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    Hey sup guys, im gonna get my first car soon and wonder, should it be the s2000 with a teaked out engined or a porshce boxster? let me know ur opinions
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    It's completely BS. Guibo even found the source, and the auther apparently admitted it's a hoax. Sorry import fans. You're still going to have to marvel when you run 14s stock.
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    alright, my apologies, I was just quite taken with the possibilities of the s2000. I'm quite convinced this was fake, however not every import was 14 stock...
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    For a first car I think you should start off with something a lot less expensive and slower. A Porsche Boxster wouldnt be the best choice in my opinion. The insurance will be pretty damn high and porsches arent known for being cheap to operate either. Also I think the boxster is ugly and someday you will want more than 2 seats. The S2000 is pretty much the same way but will be a lot more reliable in the long run and probly better quality. But its a very fast car. And not good for inexperienvced drivers. Plus the RWD wouldnt be ideal in the snow but hey its still fun. Well thats my .02 cents. Get what you want, Its better to drive what makes you happy. Im planning on gettinng a 1995 M3 soon.
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    6th gear normally has a lower speed than 5th. Top speed is achieved in 5th gear and 6th is a cruising gear, for high speeds and lower rpm. 6th gear doesn't make you go faster, but just more fuel efficient and better for wear and tear on the engine.
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