New Saab 9-5, more pics on page 2

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by CMG, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. New Saab 9-5

    Yay! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  2. New Saab 9-5

    Wut? I thought Saab died already.
  3. New Saab 9-5

    That good, but it's not bow chicka wow wow awesome, so I'm sorry.
  4. New Saab 9-5

    no, no, and no.
  5. New Saab 9-5

    Looks Japanese
  6. New Saab 9-5

    That metal around the headlights has got to go, it already looked hideous before and this isn't an improvement.
  7. New Saab 9-5

    Side profile is shit. Exterior as a whole is meh. But it has a nice interior.
  8. New Saab 9-5

    this is ALL NEW, right?....
  9. New Saab 9-5

    i like the interior
  10. New Saab 9-5

    That interior is so 90's. I like the big grille, otherwise no.
  11. New Saab 9-5

    its based on the Rover 600 chassis
  12. New Saab 9-5

  13. New Saab 9-5

    saab has probably got the worst interior on the market, its overdone with the vents and the plastic look.
  14. New Saab 9-5

  15. New Saab 9-5

    I actually CAN NOT believe your username.
  16. New Saab 9-5

    Not bad
  17. New Saab 9-5

    cool taillights, and yeah... nice look to them.
  18. New Saab 9-5

    I dont like the interior
    I dont like the side profile
    I dont like the chrome around the headlights
    I dont like the overall shape
    The back isnt too bad though.

    Overall, I dont like it.
  19. New Saab 9-5

    Saab needs to go away already...
  20. New Saab 9-5

    The interior is really hard for me to judge. From these pics, I don't like it, but I'm thinking that these shitty pictures and the colour choice may not do it justice. So I reserve my opinions on the interior.

    As for the exterior, the side profile is pretty fUcked up, mainly due to that fat C piller, but also because there is so much rear friggin over hang past the back wheels, and also general angle formed by the windscreen and the bonnet. Just looks weird.

    Front on, and the back looks alright but.
  21. New Saab 9-5

    That has to be the worst side profile of any car today. It doesn't flow well at all. The front slopes up severely, while the windscreen is more upright. Bah! I hate it. The Germans have nothing to worry about, as usual.
  22. New Saab 9-5

    it looks funky, like a proper Saab. I am not really keen on it though.
  23. New Saab 9-5

    im liking it a lot, but it still has got dame edna's spectacles.
  24. New Saab 9-5

    How so? Please explain.
  25. New Saab 9-5

    I like it, it's different.

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