new silverado/GMC serria pictures + MT artical

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SmilinGoat, Jul 23, 2006.

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    my thoghts: only one new engine is kind of weak, the styling makes it generic in todays truck market, the standard features are awesome, performance should be class leading, interior picture doesnt show much (its not the "nice" interior pictured though)

    all in all i think its going to be the best on the market, so long as toyota doesnt do some last minute shock and awe.
  2. These are definatly the nicest truck that i have ever seen from anyone. As you said Smilin, they should be best on the market.
  3. I'm not overly impressed.
  4. I officialy like Ford truck the best. I drive one 6 days a week at work. It's a F150 Lariat. Beautiful truck.

  5. as of right now that is also my favorite truck. my buddy has one, and its just great.
  6. the F150 looks a lot better, especially the inside.....
  7. Those look like they could of been 3-year old replacements. Altohugh I'd still take a Sierra over a F150.
  8. its an optional HD package, this interior isnt comparible to the base model because we havent seen the upscale interior (which much like the f150, has nothing in common with the F350 SD)

    besides the scan really sucks for showing anything about the interior.
  9. I suppose...
  10. I suppose...
  11. I suppose...
  12. by generic, you mean F150 styling
  13. I hope you can't possibly be retarded enough to spell that horrible.
  14. Looks like they copied the front end from the Ridgeline. At least for the GMC.
  15. i was expecting more drastic changes, but the article seems to make the interior and exterior design to be the biggest change.
  16. Not impressed at all... it seems like they barely changed it at all.
  17. exactly.
  18. unfortunate
  19. F150 Please
  20. The exterior changes are kinda bad. The styling at the front is trying to be bold but just winds up bland. At the rear it's just ugly. This thing better be spectacular beneath the sheetmetal.
  21. It's nice, but im not very impressed, id still take a F-Series over it.
  22. i think it looks like shit and once the toyota comes out its game over. The best truck not by any measure. id love to see the new f-150 with those bs access doors removed

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  24. Awesome, the 6.2 in the Silverado should be great.
  25. Only if class leading towing, payload, and hp/tq aren't measures.

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