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  1. Nissan is coming out with a whole new design on the skyline.this skyline actually looks like its airodinamic and has a new body design some what to the 350Z.To see and read more check out the October Car and Driver
  2. The Skyline was just redesigned, you idiot.
  3. Read the November 2004 article of Car and Driver.And then tell me what you think.
  4. lol @ airodinamic......
  5. He is 16 years old too...
  6. Awesome. No one was aware of the G35 until now.
  8. im guessing he meant GT-R....
  9. no, he meant skyline.
  10. Teen r ice boys
  11. I personally prefered the styling of the 32-34s
  12. SWEET!!@#$omg!@#$
  13. I agree.
    And personally would have preferred if Nissan kept going in that direction of design for skylines, instead of making them family cars.
  14. Skylines have always had sedans.
  15. I know...?
  16. What happened to the aggresive look of the previous Skyline GT-R's?

    The Japanese just can't design nice cars anymore. Only the Evo IX is better looking than its predecessor.
  17. The new skyline is just a better version of the infinity G35 coupe.
  18. they should just retro this.
  19. hahaha looks like a money symbol on the front grille of that R33 sedan

    those are some clean looking sedans though... probably kinda cramped i'd imagine but they'd be fun!
  20. No, if it were a money symbol the rims would be wire and the fender flairs wouldn't cover the rims with the extreme offsets.
  21. I also agree with you. Personally the one I liked the most was the 33, I loved it when playing GT lol
  22. Yeah.. GT1 allowed me to do high 1'26s on the full grand valley circuit with a souped up R33, it was like the ubercar of the game, closely followed by a souped up Supra RZ (1'28) and Cerbera LM (1'28 high)
  23. So now does anybody beleive me about the new skyling GT-R?
  24. So now does anybody beleive me about the new skyline GT-R?

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