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  1. No because you're retarded.
  2. that reasoning shows off intelligence..
  3. Why is that, everybody else beleives me.
  4. "everybody" as in "all the kids at the kindergarden"?
  5. Who was the guy that said it was just a chop off some sort of opel concept?
    ( that skyline pic)
  6. You're not really wrong, but you aren't really right either.

    Scrap that, you're a fool. As has been said by other, the new "Skyline" has been out for quite some time in Japan. It is known as the V35, and is exported to the US as an Infiniti G35. There are some differences, but they are essentially the same car.

    The new car I believe you are referring to is the Nissan GTR. It was mentioned (also quite some time ago) by someone from Japan, whos name/position in the company I can't remember, that the new GTR will be dropping the 'Skyline' name, and be known simply as a 'GTR'. This news came a long time ago, so they could've changes their mind since then. It will still essentially use the same platform as the Skylines, but it will stand on its own, as a seperate model.

    I think that is all right. If you have anything to add/correct, feel free*.

    *This is only meant for members who have intelligence/knowledge. ie. not '2fast4me'.
  7.'ll never be able to beat me in my 1033bhp Mitsubishi GTO
  8. Sure I can beat you easily with that, the GTO had a crap rev-limitor.
  9. and the new GT-R will debut in 2007, so I doubt anything as concrete as that photoshop picture exists yet....
  10. if you read... he said in the ocotober car and driver which talks about the new GT-R.... so yes he meant the new GT-R whether or not he knows it
  11. thank you for proving my point nyankees.
  12. what??

    it was soooo the fastest car in the game...

    anyway, my copy should get here in a couple of days, so we'll see
  13. My 931hp R33 Vspec II would still pwn that GTO of yours.
  14. What game are we talking about here?
  15. Gran Turismo.. 1
  16. The first GT from 1997 I reckon?
  17. The first GT game from 1997 I reckon?
  18. If thats the game were talkin about my GTO-R twinturbo well destroy everybody in every race.It has 968HP.
  19. Nah, everything's chanceless compared to my perfect handling, overtuned R33. The GTO is a pussmobile that gears up at 6000rpm already.
  20. ^ awesome place to make a 5000th post Moo.. I just screwed it up like Panda did with his 20k post..
  21. Hey MooSquad what do you have on your R33 skyline?
  22. All that was available in the game <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  23. What is the top speed, and what time does it do on the High Speed Ring?
  24. I didn't care a lot about the high speed ring to be honest, as my main target is to be quick on Grand Valley Full Circuit, because that demands all situations you can imagine. From cambers to 200mph+ speeds, and some good cornering.
  25. Fine if you don't care about the High Speed Ring, then how about Speacial stage R11, and what was your fastest lap in that race?

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