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  1. There's no Jag V10.
  2. Nope.
  3. you are such a #$%#ing always seem to screw up the page layout with yout dumbass posts
  4. i wasnt going to respond to that, yet since ive seen how your somehow gotten bored and decided to go on attacking me for no reason i decided to ask how you call me the dumbass when your the one that cant even stay on topic.

    ah well kids these days.
  5. Just edit that damn post and stop screwing up.
  6. new skyline=new pile of barf from me.
  7. Dont be mad if this thing comes to America and takes the automotive world by storm. If it happen then say goodbye to the Corvettes, GTOs and mustangs because people wouldnt buy them anymore.
  8. Yeah, I'm sure they're worried at GM's..
  9. 1081009313391157 says:
    this is uberweird.. I'm posting in a thread made by 2fast4me.. in which I reply to bbcstachas2.. where's my prozac!?
    Sunny days seem far away. says:
    Sunny days seem far away. says:
    where is BBC?
    1081009313391157 says:
    it's that hotdamn Skyline thread again
    Sunny days seem far away. says:
    haven't seen him for a while
    1081009313391157 says:
    in AZN
    Sunny days seem far away. says:
    1081009313391157 says:
    where el toro ridiculoso screwed up the page
    Sunny days seem far away. says:
    he's a #$%#ing idiot
    Sunny days seem far away. says:
    with all the "m"s? yeh
    1081009313391157 says:
    1081009313391157 says:
  10. what the #$%# are you blabbering on about?

    you're not exactly on topic yourself you #$%#ing #%!@-ass dickhead

    stop being a #$%#ing childish imbecile and edit/delete that #$%#ing stupid ass post
  11. "you're not exactly on topic yourself you #$%#ing #%!@-ass dickhead"
    oh the irony, hes calling me the dickhead when hes the one acting like one. can you say HYPOCRITE??!?!

    "stop being a #$%#ing childish imbecile and edit/delete
    chidish imibicle.. again with the hypocracy. my my

    "that #$%#ing stupid ass post"
    you first.

    "what the #$%# are you blabbering on about?"
    your uncessary flaming.
  12. what the i did not post this here.
  13. Yeah we all know how shitty the new G35.

    To bad anyone would drive a G35 then a shitty S10
  14. How did the G35 get shitty? The 2004 won nearly every award for its category.
  15. i don;t think this coming to america will take away corvette buyers from their beloved legends, if the skyline does come to america, it will help nissan, but thats about it, because it will be quit pricey compared to a corvette, even a new z06.
  16. Sure didn't happen with the Supra, 300ZX, RX-7, or 3000GT. Here it is 10 years later and I can go down and buy a new Corvette or Mustang. Can you go buy a new Supra?

    Yeah that's what I thought dumbass.
  17. No, you can buy a used supra that is faster than a new corvette and mustang.
  18. I was hoping you died.
  19. Well you can still buy a new Z. It just isn't a bloated overweight peice of shit like it was with the 300ZXTT.
  20. Agreed, 34 was the best
  21. and you guys tell me that im as retarded as THIS Kid??!?!?
  22. They compared you to him? That's quite something, not many people accomplish that.
  23. not compared but treat me as though as i am. i mean jesus christ this guy is the epidimy of noobness/retardedness.

    im just glad ltyl diablo is back hell straigten out the noobs for sure <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  24. He claims to own a Gumbraller/Gamballer/whatever Diablo.
  25. HA! You might still be able to find one but it wouldnt be as fast as the new corvette, mustnag, or GTO.

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