New style Delahaye/Bugatti

Discussion in 'Classic Cars' started by jj4ever, Aug 10, 2011.

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    after seeing today's pic of the day, the Whatthehaye, which was build by Boyd Coddington (and his last creation was another Delahye inspired masterpiece called the french connection) .
    i decided to share with you Terry Cook websites for modern creations of Delahayes and Bugattis

    Terry will display his latest creation at the The Quail this month
  2. Love that car. Woud love to see a roadster version of it, like this one:
  3. Pretty cool cars
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  5. Terry Cook had shared few pics of a boat-tail roadster which will be on display next week at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. the car is stunning and compact compared to his other cars. i will post the pictures next week once it is displayed in public.
    watch this space.
  6. #$%# chip fose
  7. he is THE BEST, IMO.
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  9. most of his cars looked better stock

    that bug looks hot tho
  10. Thumbs f'in up for the roadster!!!
  11. check his riddler winner cars and you understand his talent and attention to details, dont judge him on the overhaulin cars (which are very good)
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    Yeah, check the build photos here:

    and here:

    The detail work is incredible, especialy looking at the undersides of the cars after they are completed. From motor mounts to fitment of the suspension and fenders, the work is astounding coming out of his shop.
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    thanks alot for the links, i still have the rides episods which they covered the build of his cars for the riddler. also, the grand master which was his first riddler winner is an amazing, i hope there are pictures of the build
    check this one
    one of his dreams is to find a customer willing to finance the build of this car. also, he was supposed to work on a mid-engined ford mustang using Ford GT as a base.. intersting.
  14. Dumb. I could do better.
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    that design looks sweet. I'd tweak it here and there, but basicly i like it
  16. No, you couldn't.
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    they looked really unique and truly awesome love it's design.
    Well,I've seen so many concept cars and vintage cars as well as some uniquely designed cars one of my faves was the 2010 Citroen Survolt Concept, it looks like this> ..
  18. Sure I could. It brings nothing new to the table while missing the point, honestly. You can't just build something that vaguely resembles 70+ year old brilliance and expect to ride it's coattails. It's about a four out of ten at best and it's gone largely unnoticed for good reason.
  19. Damn that looks sexy
  20. I'd feel better in one of these than riding around in a $10M+ vintage Bugatti. I know some would say 'its just a car so drive it' but driving/risking rare automotive history is where I personally would draw the line. And these Delahayes are incredible.
  21. You can not just build something vaguely similar to the more than 70 years old Brilliance, looking for a ride in a tuxedo. It's four ten best, it has good reason to be Wedding Cufflinks Flashlights[/url] largely ignored.
  22. this; but if you can afford $10m for one car then it would be a crime not to use it
  23. love that car!! want it

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