New supercar: the McRevenzo

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    You have replicas and replicas. The one has been built beautifully and you will only see by looking at the details that it's not an exotic, while others look totally horrible and the quality of the replica makes you want to cry. On the internet we found a picture of the replica of a.... uhm, what is it supposed to be?

    We don't really know which brand and model of car the owner of this car was trying to make it look like. The initial design somewhat looks like a Lamborghini Murciélago or Reventón , but the details point at different cars. The front definitely looks like a Ferrari Enzo, the sharp point and the hood have obviously been derived from this uber Ferrari. The interior has been inspired by the McLaren F1. This replica, like the Mclaren F1, has the drivers seat in the middle of the car.

    Hot or not? Special is one word that describes it. The designer of this car probably couldn't choose between the above named cars and put all the designs into one car. The designer most likely just wanted to build his dream car which consists of the designs of more then one car. At first sight the car has been built well. The only thing we still wonder about is the name of this supercar...

    We'll go for McRevenzo.

  2. Looks like a car from Saints Row.
  3. I.... actually like that

    EDIT: let me reiterate that, it's bearable and is alot better than the other retarded kits out there
  4. id like to toss a hand grenade in it
  5. Im with you. I want to hate it out of principal, but it looks like a lot of work went into it. I mean they even made it a center driving position 3seater like the mclaren, which is awesome.

    this is at least a year old though btw
  6. It looks like something out of Grand Theft Auto.
  7. what's it based on?
  8. this car is such old news. Why did this article rename it?

    It is called the Predator Xtreme.
  9. I would love to drive in the middle of an automobile. This thing, McClaren, F1 ect!
  10. it luks like its a stealth car lol and i like it in all black to make it more "stealth"
  11. Looks like they've taken a lot of styling cues from the Murcielago, and the nose is very Enzo-ish. Meh, unoriginal.
  12. I saw this in the new Knight Rider...
  13. Way to read the article.
  14. thats not a rel car its someone who wanted a ferrari enzo and a lambo so they built this thing
  15. GM 2.5 IRON DUKE
  16. stfu if any problems
  17. I've read somewhere that it was based on a Murcielago Roadster.

    Looking at the seats, front fenders/rear fenders/proportions, I can believe it.

    Apparently the doors and position look different though.

    I dunno.
  18. That thing is so shitty up close. I saw it in person (in that spot) in Monterey last year.

    I looked interesting from far away but looked like it was about to fall apart when up close.
  19. How is it not a real car?
  20. Can I buy it via drive-thru?
  21. Looks like a pshop to me. I doubt this is real for some reason.
  23. its real and its in one of the knight rider episodes I think. Its also got terrible build quality (mirrors falling halfway off etc)

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